Legs Eleven


Hi Folks! It’s been a while huh?

With being away in the US for work for almost two weeks and coming home to various house-move dramas, the blog has taken a little bit of a back seat I’m afraid.

Those of you that follow me on Twitter and Instagram though shouldn’t be disappointed though as I do find it much easier to quickly use these and often keep them updated.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few of the trousers I’ve been wearing recently. It’s been better weather so I can go barefoot and free-ankled (I hate nothing more than wearing tights under trousers, or socks with shoes) and since doing the #Whole30, they all fit again!

I do love a pair of statement trousers and I’m looking forward to the summer when I get can more of them out with vests and silk tops.

I’ve also recently invested in some new jeans as I’ve found most of mine are now ill-fitting. The Gap Always Skinny are fantastic. Great fit, rise and wash. I may need to get them in the Dark Indigo too.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Sale Stars


This season I was conscious to be more savvy in my sale shopping as I usually end up with things on a whim that are worn a couple of times and then never seen again.

I have taken to pinning the standout items I like and then revisiting the website, or actual store, during sale time in the hope that I find what I want, but cheaper.

This strategy worked a treat this year. I’m not sure if it was because the sales started mega-early (two weeks before Christmas in some cases) or if it was because some are still on and there have been returns of items bought in the first few days of the sale. Either way, I managed to get the key items that were on my list, HUGELY reduced.

You’ll see from the above that three skirts are now gracing my wardrobe… The Whistles Camo Jacquard Print mini, a J Crew navy and black lace mini, and a Topshop velvet & sequin pencil.

The Whistles Camo I got a bit obsessed about, but a visit to my local store and a phone call to a store in London meant I managed to get the last one in my size for under £50. I was originally hankering after the trousers but the skirt is much more versatile.

The J Crew skirt was £148 originally and last week in NYC I managed to pick it up for about £12.50! It was reduced to $39.99 in the sale and when I got to the till it was 50% off!

The Topshop skirt I was stalking on line but it sold out in my size. I was then looking at the dress in the same fabric but the comments on the site were that it was super short… And for me not as wearable. I then found it in store for £10 in my size! Nice surprise.


As for the other items, The Gap slip on’s were shoes I’d looked at prior to the sale but a visit to a store meant I picked them up for £7.99. Gap’s store sales are much better value than the website BTW.

The Jumper and Shoes were a more high end sale purchase, the jumper being Chinti & Parker from The Outnet and the shoes being the Vixen from Russell & Bromley. Both pieces I was in love with so glad I got at a reduced price.

Did you have any sale steal stories this season? Would love to know.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tuesday Shoes-day

Tuesday Shoes-Day


Topshop Toe Cap Pointed Courts

Or Topshop Gabbi Metal Toecap Points to be precise. Bought in the Topshop sale in the Summer with thoughts of the Autumn/Winter in mind (who in their right mind buys Black Suede Courts in the Summer?!), for £15 they were a bargain. These are some of the most comfortable courts I own, despite being pointy-toed and narrow-heeled. I’ve worn them all day today, walked to and from the station (a good mile) and my feet are still fine.

The main reason I bought them was because I was after a pair of black work shoes, that didn’t look too much like work shoes, and could take me from day to evening, should the need arise, pretty easily. These fit the bill very well!

Today I am wearing them with:

  • Blue and Green Leopard print top (old) – Next
  • Black Coated Lace Skirt – Cos
  • Black Satin Opaque Tights – Wolford
  • Rose Gold Chronograph – Michael Kors

I’ve got the jewellery a bit wrong – probably should have worn a silver watch with the silver in the shoes, but never mind. My make up also seems to have fallen off (the result of a trip to the docs for a son who has now been confirmed with Chicken Pox). The top is also a nice nod to SS13 with a good mix of Emerald Green and Cobalt blue. It’s an old buy from Next but still works, however, post baby, my shape seems to have changed and it’s now too big across the shoulders and neck. I may have to get my Mum involved…

I’m glad i bought these shoes in the Suede and not the leather as somehow Suede looks better with Opaque tights. I would love it if Topshop brought out some summer shades, with perhaps some Rose Gold toecap detailing for the summer. Are you listening Mr Green?! I’m thinking something like these Jeffrey Campbell beauts – except a plain grey suede. Nice combo no?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X




Sale Highs and Bargain Buys

It seems only fitting that on the last day of January I do a round up of my sales buys from AW12. I’m very much looking forward to the new season and have been excited by the preliminary drops there have been so far (like this Monochrome dress) but let me just share my sale highs from December and this month before we move on.

Firstly, actual sale shopping with a baby is a complete no-no. There was absolutely no way I was going to be negotiating narrow rails and flailing arms with an Uppababy (containing baby) in front of me, although granted, the Buggy may have been useful as a trolley cum blockage device!

This year, I was very online savvy, knowing when each retailer was going into sale, and bookmarking the things I was actually after. This isn’t my usual approach, but after my experiences this year, might be the way I now go. Who doesn’t mind shopping from their own home?!

Some sales started before Christmas (Whistles), whilst others started on Christmas Day (M&S). I would say I have been 80% successful in getting what I was looking for.

The two items I wanted in M&S were sold out pre-sale in my size, and even those sizes that went into the sale weren’t a great reduction (a military coat and a combination trench).

I did however get a great Sweatshirt (which will see me through the colder part of SS13) reduced to just £9 and a pair of Floral Trousers (£11 from £55) again, great for this coming season.


Zara, a perennial favourite, was a little disappointing as the reductions were not great initially (but the selection was good on Boxing Day). The things I bought were actually all returned, but on returning to a store mid-Jan, the second wave of items that enter the sale caught my eye, and I found a longed-for Jacket for £17 and some faux-leather leggings for just £9. Brilliant.

My online successes have materialised in the form of Aubin &Wills, Cos, H&M and J.Crew. Aubin & Wills is a sad story as the brand is closing, however it meant I got some silk t-shirts at £70 off the original price. Great colours and great for summer or under jackets the rest of the time. The first stalk of the Cos sale resulted in nothing eventually, but a visit online only last week saw the dress I’d been coveting at less than half price! Hurrah! H&M was successful as I managed to replace the burgandy leather gloves I lost one of for £3.99 and J.Crew was simply brilliant as I now own a lusted-after cashmere jumper, some shorts for the summer, a couple of jersey basics and a ring all for under £100 with their amazing 40% off sale items deal. Very pleased indeed.

Two last highs have been my Topshop Parka (incredibly warm) and River Island Blazer (bargain for the detailing alone).

I haven’t gone mad, and that’s in keeping with one of my resolutions, but my new mentality to sales shopping has really worked. I think if you don’t get the chance to go to the actual shops, you aren’t tempted by all the crud which has been on the shop floor for at every sale since 2001. Online shopping promotes a bit of sane thinking, and although annoying for returns in some cases (I’m still waiting on a Cos refund from over three weeks ago, however Reiss was refunded the next day), has changed my sale habits.

My Mum is also like a little devil on my shoulder, constantly telling me she could make it for cheaper. I know its a good deal when that devil starts to say “You couldn’t buy the fabric for that let alone make it as well!”

Long gone are the days when I’ll be queuing up outside a store at 5am for the first taste of a bargain… She says! I might be talking differently in 18 months time when getting up early could mean bagging the furniture deal of the century. We’ll see…

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X