Champion a Gentleman


There’s no denying it. Mr Barlow looks preeeeety good in a suit. Today’s #encouragebeauty prompt is champion a gentleman. I should perhaps take this opportunity to canvas some sponsorship for my man in his Movember quest, however, I’m sticking with Gary.

As a teen of the ’90s, who DIDN’T love Take That. Whilst their songs have stood the test of time, thank god their style didn’t. There’s a huge difference, for the better.


And that’s where championing a gentleman comes in. Annoyingly, men just get better with age. I mean come on? Howard and Jason? Yes please!

But Gary… Gary has come a long way.

Every week on X-Factor he looks better than the previous one (it may be my wine fuelled vision) but his style has evolved greatly. He also strikes me as just like the rest of us, having his own personal challenges to deal with, as we all do.


From fresh faced, through clean cut, and now just that right amount of stubble, he’s a man of our time. Its nice having you on our screens on a weekly basis Mr Barlow! I for one will definitely be buying his new album (nothing at all to do with this cover)


Are there any Gents out there that you’d champion over Mr Barlow ladies?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X