Pining for Pastels

I has an email drop into my inbox this morning from Gap and it made me pine after the pastels that I really can’t wear.



Gorgeous peaches, pinks and blues, they really do nothing for my skin tone unfortunately. However I do try and wear them on my bottom half to get my fix. (How amazing are those floral Oxford shoes though?!)

Its lucky that SS14 this year has other colours that I can lust over. More on that later this week.

Are you a pastel fan?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tickled Pink

One of the trends I’m most looking forward to this A/W is the Pink Coat.

I love a coat. I’m so pleased I live in a climate that calls for a different set of clothes in the Winter (the husband the the house won’t agree I’m sure!). Spending this Summer on holiday in a fierce 38 degree heat has further cemented my love of all things Autumn and the advent of cooler climes.

The pink coat trend this season is one that’s so pretty… But it has to be the right shade.

Although I’m a lover of all things Fuchsia/Magenta, it’s the paler shades that have my heart racing. I’m not good with true pastels, I look like something out of the living dead, but a dusky pink shade is right up my street.

The M&S Collection coat has my name on it (along with about a million others if what I’ve read is to be believed). A lovely dusky shade of pink… Just right to brighten up that dull grey and black commute come October! I’m like a loon scouring the M&S website at the moment for its arrival.

Kate Beckinsale’s Strawberry Pink version is also gorgeous… Bracelet sleeves too.

As is Ms Mendes’. She’s always a winner style-wise in my book.

I’d love for my Mum to make me one so that I’m a little different from the crowd but I’m yet to find some wool in a shade that’s suitable. I also need to lose my current tan (not many people say that I know) but the shade I’m after will look better when I’m a slightly different shade!

Are you excited about the Pink trend? What’s caught your eye for Autumn/Winter?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tuesday Shoes-Day

Faith Pink Pointed Jewel Pumps

Faith! Who remembers that brand and store? I remember getting the majority of my “fashion” shoes there in my late-teens/early 20s. Now available in Debenhams as a concession and online at ASOS and Amazon, the brand is still out there but not as visible as it once was.

These pumps were actually bought from a Dress Agency in Reigate that I love called Gracies. Brand new and never worn, they were a bargain this time last year, and filled a need I had with Flat shoes and being pregnant.

I like the interest that the Black Jewels bring to them… Kind of Geometric in their look, they mean that wearing them with black makes the outfit pull together better, in my opinion.

In keeping with my April Challenge of Flat & Fabulous too, they make a nice addition to today’s outfit.

I’m wearing them with:

Neon Boucle Blazer – Zara
Beige Sparkle top – M&S Autograph
Snakeskin Print Grey Ankle Grazers – Primark
Lariat necklace – Topshop

They definitely add a nice pop of colour to the outfit, and in real life, bring out the pick thread that’s in the jacket. In hindsight, probably not the best choice for today’s wet weather as my feet were damp when I got to the office, but hey-Ho!

Do you have any Faith shoes that you still wear?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tuesday Shoes-day

Next Pink Suede Mid-Heel Courts

You may have noticed a short a absence from the blog and that’s down to our Boy contracting Chicken Pox. That’s three diseases now in as many weeks and hopefully the last for a while. Poor little thing. He’s on the mend now which is good.

Today’s choice of shoe was perhaps brave considering I was barefoot and it was 0.5 degrees when I got in the car but I figured I was driving and in an office so would be warm enough!

I’ve been after a pair of Neon pink heels after seeing some Rupert Sanderson ones on a blog I read. Most out there that are affordable (for Neon pink) don’t fit my bill (heel too clunky, plastic looking, wrong style) but when I spied these from Next, although not Neon, they were perfect. Good heel height and a nice shape, plus, and I know its not that practical, the suede somehow makes them look more expensive than they were.

I had a Next Giftcard to use, so what better way.

Today they are brightening up an otherwise uniform outfit for me (Bretton stripes and Beige) and unknowingly match my beloved Nars lipstick!

Today I’m wearing:

Sequin Bretton Stripe Tee – Gap
Beige Slim Leg Trousers – Primark
Navy Blazer – Zara
Rose Gold Chronograph – Michael Kors

I have spied a more neon pink pair of heels from Zara but I think they may be too high for “everyday” use… Might have to try them on just in case though! The Rupert Sanderson’s are still favoured though. Bicester anyone?!

Can’t wait for the summer when I can wear these lovelies with white. Stunning!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X