Love to an Old Friend

Hand Written

There is something lovely about sending, and receiving, a hand-written card or note. In this day and age (I sound OLD!), it’s all to easy to send a quick text, or email, or even just “like” a Facebook post, to let someone know you are thinking of them. I think that actually sitting down to make the effort to write something speaks volumes.

The prompt for today’s #encouragebeauty post has made me think about friends that I don’t see as often as I should, or contact as often as I can. As a working Mum, time is precious, and the spare time we have, I like to spend as a family unit of three. Now in that time, we do see friends, old and new, but becoming a parent also means a bigger circle of friends and you end up spreading yourselves even more thinly. Contact is therefore important, and I see nothing nicer than the odd hand-written note once in a while to remind someone you are thinking of them.

On that note, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite notecards that I buy when wanting to do this. Hubby HATES card shopping me with, as I take hours choosing something that is right for the individual. Recently though I’ve taken to buying packs of “notelets” so I have cards at home when I need them – ideal when you have a Bubba in tow!

Archivist have a gorgeous variety of letterpress cards, both for occassions and blanks for note-writing. I love their London range, and also the Zoo animals are stunning, especially the Lion. Gorgeous.


Paperchase is a good go-to for some pretty card designs, and this box set is perfect. A great challenge would be trying to use up all the letters!


Bluebell 33 cards are lovely as they feature clean text and great messages. Taking inspiration from the Keep Calm poster, there is something for all occassions. I find you can locate these at most card stores. This thank you card was used for Calum’s first birthday party


Lollipop Designs offer some wonderful things, from cards to wallplanners, but I especially love these Origami notes. Loving the cat and the fox designs especially.


One stationary outlet I WISH we had here in the UK is Kikki K. Discovered whilst at Melbourne airport on our way to the Gold Coast a couple of years ago, I literally thought I’d died and gone to heaven in this store. Such beautiful things. They do deliver worldwide though, although you’d need to place a pretty heft order to make it worth it!

Do you think hand-written notes are important?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X