Good things come in small packages


There are few things I like more than good cup of coffee. There’s something in the smell and preparation that remind me of Saturday mornings when I was growing up when my parents enjoyed theirs with Radio 2 playing.

It was therefore with great joy that I jumped at the chance of trying out some Caffe Cagliari samples that Penny told me about. With a history dating back over 100 years, they definitely know a thing or two about coffee!

The samples arrived in a small but perfectly formed box, and I was excited to find it also included two dinky espresso cups, some Italian biscuits and sweets, as well as some sugar (which Hubby and I don’t personally use).

Five espresso samples in all, I wanted to try the Crema Espresso and Hubby wanted the Grand Espresso (he likes his coffee to slap him in the face – I prefer something a little smoother!)

Now these particular capsules are used in a Nespresso machine, one of which we already had. I had thought that only Nespresso capsules could be used in them but these worked perfectly well. Literally two minutes later, our coffees were ready (the spoons in the pictures are my own).

Richard loved his, although it was gone in a nanosecond (not only does he like his coffee to slap him in the face, he likes a vat of it). Mine however was savoured. Rich, deep flavoured but importantly very smooth, it was delicious. With the sun shining this morning I really felt like I could have been in Italy (sorry about the just-washed undried hair!)

I would definitely buy Caffe Cagliari again, especially now I know it will go into our Nespresso machine. You could also easily make a really tasty latte using the milk-frother attachment if you don’t like yours short, dark and strong. I whole-heartedly enjoyed my Caffe Cagliari moment! If you’d like your own you can buy the capsules online here with UK shipping only £3.99, or free when you buy 240 capsules.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

I was very kindly sent these samples of Caffe Cagliari to review and would not be recommending them to you if I didn’t love them myself