Pining for Pastels

I has an email drop into my inbox this morning from Gap and it made me pine after the pastels that I really can’t wear.



Gorgeous peaches, pinks and blues, they really do nothing for my skin tone unfortunately. However I do try and wear them on my bottom half to get my fix. (How amazing are those floral Oxford shoes though?!)

Its lucky that SS14 this year has other colours that I can lust over. More on that later this week.

Are you a pastel fan?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

#StyleMeMay: Days 16-23


The challenge continues and I’ve really been made to think outside the box with some of my choices. I was really struggling with my Red Alert cue for the 16th as I was part of a CIMTIG panel debate so knew I had to look smart but my dress of choice seemed to work.

Favourites in this round up are my statement holographic clutch from & Other Stories which was showcased with boots and a coat… IN LATE MAY! The other is my beloved Cartier, a 30th present to myself with the help of friends and family. Its vintage and has a great story behind it. Love.

Almost done… Final update with you soon.

What was your favourite?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tuesday Shoes-day

Autograph Blue Suede Shoe-Boots

Yes, yes. I know today is Wednesday and I’m obviously late with this post but that’s because I cheated yesterday. I re-wore my Geox Ankle boots as it was so wet and horrid outside I needed a heel and dry feet. So here we are, a different pair of shoes, just on Wednesday instead.

I do loathe the term “shoe-boot”. Either its a shoe or its a boot. Not both. I’d actually class these more as a shoe but I can kind-of see why they might be seen as a boot (they come higher up the heel). I bought them about three years ago as at the time I was desperately looking for some blue shoes and these stood out as they were very different.

The suede is a little impractical, but after a few sprays with the beloved suede protector, they are generally fine. Two shades of blue; navy and more of a teal, with gold piping and a sturdy heel, they are not only comfortable but go with most things (except today’s outfit it would seem – I’ll come to that!)

I was actually gutted when I left my gym bag on a train on the way home one day and these were in it. Never mind all the kit etc, the shoes the SHOES! I was beyond grateful when I got the call from Southern, three weeks later, to say they’d found my bag! YIPEE!

Today, I’m wearing them with:

Floral Ankle Grazer trousers – M&S
Navy Blue Jumper with Faux-Leather Collar – ASOS
Nude Tights (I hate wearing tights under trousers but couldn’t locate my pop socks)

They don’t go with today’s outfit as they are slightly TOO blue for these trousers, but never mind. The joys of getting dressed in the dark!

Until next week…

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X