Pining for Pastels

I has an email drop into my inbox this morning from Gap and it made me pine after the pastels that I really can’t wear.



Gorgeous peaches, pinks and blues, they really do nothing for my skin tone unfortunately. However I do try and wear them on my bottom half to get my fix. (How amazing are those floral Oxford shoes though?!)

Its lucky that SS14 this year has other colours that I can lust over. More on that later this week.

Are you a pastel fan?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tuesday Shoes-Day

Zara Navy Blue Soft Leather Moccasin

Moccasin. Isn’t that a lovely word? It isn’t one is personally use to describe these Navy flats however, illustrated by the fact it took me ages to find a stock photo of them on google as I was searching for loafer/ flat/ slipper.

Nevertheless these have been a good edition to my wardrobe over the last few months and I can see them being even more useful as we move into spring and the bare feet can come out.

I know suede isn’t the most practice of shoe fabrics, especially in the winter, but for today, where I’ll be inside most of the time, they work well with my navy & black ensemble.

Today I’m wearing:
Navy sweater – Uniqlo Men’s
Navy & Black lace skirt (one of my sale buys)
Art Deco style necklace – Lulu Frost for Whistles

It’s date night tonight and Hubbie and I are off to Sake No Hana on a Toptable deal, but not before a drink at the top of his office building (taking advantage before it’s turned into flats!). Another restaurant ticked off the London must eat at list. I do love a deal!

Enjoy your Tuesdays all! 🙂

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Making a Statement


It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the statement necklace. Whether its to dress up a plain outfit, or to compliment something I’m wearing colour-wise, I have a selection that suit any occasion.

Mostly, they are from Zara. They have really upped their game in the past few seasons and last Christmas I was saved on a couple of occasions from wearing dull evening dresses (read: plain black) by wearing a jewelled creation fit for the Tower of London!

I have all the necklaces in the image above and some can be seen in situ on the photos below.





Having said that, I don’t wear them all the time, preferring to alternate them with my go-to necklace, my beloved Tiffany Starfish.

BUT, something exciting is soon to be starting where not only will I get to wear some gorgeous new pieces, but you could too! More on that soon enough 🙂

Are you a fan of statement jewellery?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Too Cool for School



The trend for an “old-skool” satchel is not a new one. A plethora of companies now offer something from a saddle bag type satchel to your classic brown school satchel. Having one has been on my radar for a while, but I’ve not been able to decide which one I really like.

I would say that I definitely use my bags to the fullest, i.e. I carry the world and it’s wife, and therefore they get heavy. I’ve also recently taken to wearing a handbag across my body giving me more hands to carry a much needed umbrella (when will it stop raining!) and another bag which I always seem to have (usually spare shoes).


I’ve had this satchel saved in my basket for a while but I can’t pinpoint what has stopped me buying it. Maybe the size… i don’t want something as big.


I also really like these, but still pine after the more satchel like shape. The silver is really pretty though and would go with everything.



I also really like the new spring colours that Zatchels are offering, but I fear they would date quickly.

It was with a stroke of luck then that I popped into one of my favourite local stores (which happens to be right by my office) on the way to a lunch this afternoon and discovered these beauties. The patent leather ones are so pretty, but the metallic silver swung it for me.


Pauline, the owner of Hide All, has strived hard over the last year to make sure everything she sells is British-Made and she has successfully fulfilled this mission. With a store full of gems from Darling Clothes, to Carrie Elspeth jewellery and Simon Carter gifts for the guys, she’s got it covered. It’s today’s delivery that caught my eye though.

This bag is just what I was after. Small enough not to overload, but large enough to fit my purse in (v. important) it’s the perfect mini-satchel, which can also be used as a cross-body bag or a clutch. Barbara Wiggins is a personal friend of Pauline’s, and it’s exciting that her designs are now stocked in store. I also hear that she is due in-store soon for a customer afternoon. I’ll be going to that then!

Not only are the bags lovely, the diaries and key fobs would make great gifts.

Pauline – you have solved my dilemma (and now I have the same silver bag as you!) 🙂 Thank you so much.

Take a look at Barbara’s website, or if you are ever in the Shad Thames or Greenwich areas, do pop in and have a look around the shop.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X



Sale Stars


This season I was conscious to be more savvy in my sale shopping as I usually end up with things on a whim that are worn a couple of times and then never seen again.

I have taken to pinning the standout items I like and then revisiting the website, or actual store, during sale time in the hope that I find what I want, but cheaper.

This strategy worked a treat this year. I’m not sure if it was because the sales started mega-early (two weeks before Christmas in some cases) or if it was because some are still on and there have been returns of items bought in the first few days of the sale. Either way, I managed to get the key items that were on my list, HUGELY reduced.

You’ll see from the above that three skirts are now gracing my wardrobe… The Whistles Camo Jacquard Print mini, a J Crew navy and black lace mini, and a Topshop velvet & sequin pencil.

The Whistles Camo I got a bit obsessed about, but a visit to my local store and a phone call to a store in London meant I managed to get the last one in my size for under £50. I was originally hankering after the trousers but the skirt is much more versatile.

The J Crew skirt was £148 originally and last week in NYC I managed to pick it up for about £12.50! It was reduced to $39.99 in the sale and when I got to the till it was 50% off!

The Topshop skirt I was stalking on line but it sold out in my size. I was then looking at the dress in the same fabric but the comments on the site were that it was super short… And for me not as wearable. I then found it in store for £10 in my size! Nice surprise.


As for the other items, The Gap slip on’s were shoes I’d looked at prior to the sale but a visit to a store meant I picked them up for £7.99. Gap’s store sales are much better value than the website BTW.

The Jumper and Shoes were a more high end sale purchase, the jumper being Chinti & Parker from The Outnet and the shoes being the Vixen from Russell & Bromley. Both pieces I was in love with so glad I got at a reduced price.

Did you have any sale steal stories this season? Would love to know.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tuesday Shoes-Day

Whistles Cassini Mid-Heel Suede Pointed Pumps

I’m loving a bit of Navy at the moment. Its a great neutral, less harsh than black, and the bonus is that it features quite a bit in the SS14 trends I’ve been seeing.

You also know my love for all things print so I decided to pair a gingham shirt with my old Whistles Skirt to mix things up a bit today.

The shoes may be a bit of a mistake seeing as its going to rain later but I do have a spare pair of flats with me just in case. These Whistles Cassini Mid-Heel suede pumps are a great height for everyday wear and can be worn formally (like here) or equally well with jeans. Before Christmas I had them on all day around town and my feet were fine.




Today I’m wearing:
Gingham Shirt – Gap
Collar Necklace – Zara
Print Silk Skirt – Whistles
Black Opaque tights – M&S
Navy Heels – Whistles

Enjoy your days readers!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

PS: Last week I had the footwear dilemma of going to New York where, after a brief panic at the airport when all flights AFTER ours were cancelled due to the snow, upon arriving it was in fact blizzard conditions. The boots held up… Just!


Iced Gems

One of the resounding bits of pleasure throughout the #whole30 has been these little iced gems. Nothing more than grapes, stalks removed, washed and then frozen, they offer that little ‘treat’ after dinner… Especially if its a spicy one.

I prefer Black Grapes when doing this but any can be used. There’s always a couple of pots in our freezer ready to go.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X