Too Cool for School



The trend for an “old-skool” satchel is not a new one. A plethora of companies now offer something from a saddle bag type satchel to your classic brown school satchel. Having one has been on my radar for a while, but I’ve not been able to decide which one I really like.

I would say that I definitely use my bags to the fullest, i.e. I carry the world and it’s wife, and therefore they get heavy. I’ve also recently taken to wearing a handbag across my body giving me more hands to carry a much needed umbrella (when will it stop raining!) and another bag which I always seem to have (usually spare shoes).


I’ve had this satchel saved in my basket for a while but I can’t pinpoint what has stopped me buying it. Maybe the size… i don’t want something as big.


I also really like these, but still pine after the more satchel like shape. The silver is really pretty though and would go with everything.



I also really like the new spring colours that Zatchels are offering, but I fear they would date quickly.

It was with a stroke of luck then that I popped into one of my favourite local stores (which happens to be right by my office) on the way to a lunch this afternoon and discovered these beauties. The patent leather ones are so pretty, but the metallic silver swung it for me.


Pauline, the owner of Hide All, has strived hard over the last year to make sure everything she sells is British-Made and she has successfully fulfilled this mission. With a store full of gems from Darling Clothes, to Carrie Elspeth jewellery and Simon Carter gifts for the guys, she’s got it covered. It’s today’s delivery that caught my eye though.

This bag is just what I was after. Small enough not to overload, but large enough to fit my purse in (v. important) it’s the perfect mini-satchel, which can also be used as a cross-body bag or a clutch. Barbara Wiggins is a personal friend of Pauline’s, and it’s exciting that her designs are now stocked in store. I also hear that she is due in-store soon for a customer afternoon. I’ll be going to that then!

Not only are the bags lovely, the diaries and key fobs would make great gifts.

Pauline – you have solved my dilemma (and now I have the same silver bag as you!) 🙂 Thank you so much.

Take a look at Barbara’s website, or if you are ever in the Shad Thames or Greenwich areas, do pop in and have a look around the shop.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X



A look back


2013… Thank you very much.

It’s been a good year… Going back to work to see all our hard work in action with a first-time ever in the UK TV ad; a mini-break to Bruges for our second wedding anniversary; running the London Marathon; a hen and fantastic wedding; a fab Med holiday; lots of family time and a little boy who just keeps bringing us joy.

Here are my highlights, captured via Instagram and immortalised by Flipagram, all to one of my favourite songs this year… Katy Perry’s Roar.

See you in 2014…! Happy New Year all

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

One Remarkable Piece

I’ve had to give the post today a little more thought. The interpretation of today’s prompt could be very different for different people. A piece within a past or present collection; something in your home; something that someone else has; something with meaning. After mulling the ideas over, I’ve decided to share the latter. A piece that’s closest to me, something that I cherish wearing day after day… My engagement ring.

A Platinum Emerald Cut Solitaire on a low setting, every day it reminds me of the day Richard asked me to marry him. A very hot English Summer day, July 10, 2010. We were married 7 months later.

We actually chose the ring together after he’d gotten down on one knee in Green Park (a place we visited on our first date) having presented me with a Links of London heart charm with “Sold” written across it.

After an amazing brunch at The Wolseley, still now a firm favourite, the search began.

We wandered up through the Burlington Arcade and along Bond Street and I actually didn’t have a style in mind, maybe slightly odd to some people I know. The fact it chose an Emerald cut is down to the lovely lady in Boodles. After some champagne and the initial squeals of congratulations and excitement, she was wonderful at presenting us with a few options. I knew I wanted a solitaire, on a low platinum setting, but that was it.

The vintage-style rings were gorgeous, but just not me, and I loved the diamond bands but didn’t want to forgo solitaire carat weight over a sparkly band. When it came to try on the Emerald cut, it’s a cliche, but it was just perfect. The rectangle stone elongated my fingers and the facets, though not as sparkly as a Brilliant cut diamond, shone. I was sold.

Unfortunately for Boodles (but fortunately for H2B) the ring I had on my finger was a 3-carat diamond worth over £25,000. Just a tad over the allotted budget. Ahem.

We left Boodles happy that we’d narrowed down the ring shape and after a lovely afternoon shopping, drinking champagne and marvelling at all the sparkle, came upon “the one”.

I love the fact the band is plain (it meant I got to have sparkle in my wedding band!) and the setting is low. Beautiful and perfect.

What’s your one remarkable piece?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Instagram Love

For today’s #encouragebeauty prompt, I thought I’d share some of the people who I follow on Instragram that are my favourites. There are different reasons why I like each of the following ladies (and it’s purely a coincidence that they are all women!), so here they are, in no particular order.

Victoria from Frills & Feathers – her posts calm my OCD and I often take away tips from her laid back luxe style. Follow her @feathers_frills


Heather from SAHMandlovingit – I feel I have an affinity with Heather, even though I’ve never met her, as she’s an ex-marketeer who is now a full-time Mum, and also loves Florida! I love her pictures of her gorgeous little family! Follow her @sahmandlovingit


Rebecca from Florence Finds – these posts really draw you in to her life and style – especially pictures of her home and home town. One to follow if you love beautiful things as I do. Follow her @rebecca_norris.


Rachie from A Chi Chi Affair – posts are cute and thoughtful, with a nice variety of home and lifestyle shots. Her baby daughter Annie is gorgeous. Follow her at @achichiaffair


Sarah from Little Spree – these posts really inspire me. Looking for clothing for Calum has become a joy and I’ve bought quite a few of the bits that she recommends via pictures on her feed. A lovely go-to resource for brilliant kids clothes. Follow her @littlespree


Laura from Wearing it Today – a go to resource for doable style, Laura’s posts help me “go shopping in my own wardrobe”. I also love her use of “A Beautiful Mess” app, which has become one of my favourites. Follow her @witblog


Krystal from This Time Tomorrow – These posts make me wish I lived stateside. Great style and lifestyle images from across the pond. They make me want to be an American! Follow her @krystal_bick


Katie Phipps – Kate doesn’t have a blog, but I honestly feel like we must be related somehow. We have VERY similar taste, and again, even though we’ve never met, I feel like she is one of my close friends! The power of Social Media 🙂 Kate’s posts are wonderfully composed – she definitely gets the most out of Instagram. Follow here @_kates


Jessica from What I Wore – Another IGer that makes me want to live Stateside! He posts include fashion, lifestyle and food which make a great combo in my book. She’s also a whizz on the sewing machine, a skill I wish I’d inherited from my Mum. Definitely worth a follow for style and diet tips. Follow her @whatiwore


Anneli from What I Bought Today – Anneli’s posts show the perfect London life. Great style and pictures from a great city. Follow her @anneliwillis.


Alex from The Frugality – Style on a budget? What’s not to love about the pictures that Alex posts on her IG feed. Some great tips on where to eat in and around London and what to wear, plus some interesting travel photography make this one to follow. Follow her @thefrugality.

There are many more people that I follow on IG – 278 to be precise – and I only follow those that genuinely interest ME – people and brands included.

Do you have any go-to IGers that you recommend?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Stop to Watch

Sometimes, there is an advert on TV that just makes you stop to watch. Every year I look forward to the John Lewis and M&S Christmas ads, signalling for me the start of the festive season.

Then there are others that come along that just make you stop, appreciate and think. In recent times, these have been the VW Polo ad, the Sony Bravia ad, the TUI Holidays ad and then even more recently, the Vauxhall ad. I like all these for different reasons, but most of all, how they make me feel.

Whilst this post contains subject on what I do for a living, it’s not about that. Of the above ads, have I bought the products that I saw? No. But does that mean they have not been successful? No again. Having learnt from our own TV ad that aired for the first time this year, brand recall is just as important.

The reason for this post though was the Johnson’s Baby “Life is Reborn” ad.

In 60 seconds it brought back memories of the last 15 months we’ve had with our own baby and the overwhelming joy and love he’s brought us. However, do I buy Johnson’s products? Actually no. A big congratulations to TBWA\Chiat\Day, the agency behind it.

What are your favourite TV ads?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tuesday Shoes-Day

Zara Basic Metallic Snake Pointed Courts

Hello everyone! Yes, it’s the return of #TuesdayShoesDay. I’ve been AWOL for the good part of two months. My diary has been so hectic and I’ve been abroad three times with work in that time. I really needed to get a balance back and so blogging had to give for a bit.

In that time too I’ve also had a mass wardrobe clear-out and swap-over for the season. I find it so cathartic, and it also means I get to go shopping in my own closet!

I found these beauts and wanted to make sure I wear them whilst tights are still optional. I love the muted metallic and the fact they are more pewter than silver is a win for me. They are also a great wearable height. Just right for the walk to the office.

For today, they pick up the grey pattern in this Elm Designs dress really nicely. Speaking of the dress, I bought it from Gracies. Janine stocks some wonderful bits from this now discontinued brand. This dress is so easy to wear plus takes a dress size off you (in my opinion).

Today I’m wearing:

Black wiggle dress – Elm Designs
Rose Gold Chrono – Michael Kors
Metallic Pointed Courts – Zara
Glasses – Marc by Marc Jacobs

I’m looking forward to resuming all things blog-related. Must be something in the Autumn air!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

#StyleMeMay: Days 24-31

It’s June people! This time last year I was waiting the arrival of our Baby Boy (although we didn’t know that then). How a year has flown by.

Anyway, June 1st sees the end of my #StyleMeMay challenge and its been a good end. I’ve especially liked wearing Sequins to work in the day.

The most challenging cue was the final one yesterday… Something out of my comfort zone . I’m not that phased by clothes, and will try most things making sure they suit my body shape and colouring. This was therefore hard, and short of wearing swimwear to the office, I didn’t really know what to do. I ended up making the cue about makeup instead, as I don’t normally do a “heavy eye” and that’s what I did.

I’m not great at evening make up and keep meaning to get some tips from the Pros. I’ll get round to it one day.

I’m now looking forward to using some “dressing” skills that I’ve learnt from taking part in this challenge.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X