Luscious Locks

Today’s #encouragebeauty prompt has got me thinking about my hair again, and the constant debate I have with myself. Do I cut it? Do I add in a fringe? Should I colour it?

I’m a creature of habit, preferring to wear it long and actually, I’m pretty lazy with it. A shorter style would require more time. Time I don’t have! Plus I like having long hair. I feel like me with long hair. Today’s post isn’t about my hair though.

I’m going to share a few of my hair heroines… All pretty obvious ones.

Ms Palermo has wonderful hair. Whether long or worn as a “Lob” (long bob), she always looks immaculate. Hair I can only dream of!

Ms Beckinsale’s hair is Hollywood Glamour at its finest. An English Rose in the US she’s definitely had the LA treatment. I do prefer her as a true brunette though.

Not much explanation needed here, the Duchess’ hair is always coiffed to perfection. I wish I had a hairdresser on hand 24-7. Its nice to see she has bad hair days too (see her South Pacific trip photos for evidence!)

If I were blonde, I’d want Ms Deeley’s hair. Another Brit girl that’s been LA’d, her sunny locks shine.

We must take a minute though to appreciate Mrs Beckham. She’s had more hairstyles than I have shoes which is saying something. 100% for effort. Not all have suited her but going from a signature Bob through extensions, the shortest crop and blonde, she’s now settled on something that suits her Designer status. How long until we see another change though?

Who are your hair heroes?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Your Favourite Feature


I always find it a bit cringy when asked what my favourite feature is, so today’s #encouragebeauty is hard. One because I’m hugely vain and therefore body conscious, always picking out imperfections (could always be better), but two because I find it hard bigging myself up.

I’m pretty happy with my lot but the feature that has always stood out I guess (and that most people comment on) is my smile.

I am fastidious about my teeth. I make sure I visit the dentist every 6 months, I use an electric toothbrush for at least three minutes, twice a day. I SOMETIMES brush during the day, and I also floss. It’s something I’ve always done and as a result (touch wood) I have strong teeth.

However, I’m also a coffee drinker and red wine lover though so my new discovery of Colgate, The Red One, is great to mix in with otherwise Oral B routine, to make sure they stay “clean”.

Not that I have perfect teeth however (far from it, in fact my younger self is shouting loudly about wearing a retainer… I may have got bored after two years with train tracks), but it’s the fact that my smile lights up my face that makes me class it as my favourite feature.

Smiling and laughing make me feel so much better. I used to inwardly die when I could hear my Mum’s laugh echoing down the school halls (she worked there at the same time) but that’s now me. I’m sure Calum will be just as embarrassed when he’s older.

What’s your favourite feature?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

In your Hands


For a long time now, I’ve used a Hand cream. I loathe the feeling of dry hands and in my earlier years this was heightened due to working in a hotel where I was constantly washing them. I always wear Rubber Gloves to wash up and having a baby meant I was constantly on the washing, drying cycle.

Hand cream is therefore my saviour. I have to actively seek some out if there isn’t any and therefore I tend to carry some on me at all times.

Firstly, it was just basic cream like the Nivea’s and Vaseline’s of the world, but I became savvy to the myriad of different options out there. From the world beauty brands to independent retailers, almost everyone has some kind of cream, whether its specifically for hands or a general body lotion.

I am quite picky though. I don’t like it too scented, especially overly floral scents. Nor do I like it too thick or too greasy. Not asking for much then right?! Molton Brown was de rigeur in a lot of restaurants a while ago but then different spas started to make an appearance. I discovered the joys of Cowshed whilst on a Virgin flight to Miami for example, which ensued in my buying the Dirty Cow/ Cow Pat duo on my return from that trip.


For my handbag, I tend to always choose a Coconut scent, and M&S has never failed me with their Creamy Coconut £1 tubes. This is still my go-to on-the-go choice. For home though, Cowshed still remains up there as one of my favourites but a couple of new ones have recently made me change things up a bit.


The Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm is wonderful. The botanical scent is so uplifting and you only need a tiny bit. Discovered at my boss’ house, and then shortly afterwards at a pub in Hampshire, it was lucky then there is a small Aesop store in Borough Market. However, at £83 for the Duet it was a bit rich, even if it does last well!


& Other Stories came up trumps with their beauty range, and having been in store a few times since opening earlier this year, their Body range is fantastic. The Moroccan Mint tea scent I love is a great mix between botanical and fresh, and using the wash and lotion layered over gives a lasting scent reminiscent of sunny climes.

I currently have these residing in my bathroom and at £4, they are much more accessible than the Aesop wonders.

Finally are the humorous Anatomicals Hand Washes which brighten up a kitchen windowsill. Followed up with any hand cream, these washes are fun, and cheap!

Are you a stickler for moisturised hands… Or is that just my strange quirk?! Any creams, lotions or potions you’d recommend?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Fringe Benefits

Since the return of New Girl to Tuesday nights on E4, I’ve become a little bit obsessed with Hannah Simone, the actress that plays CeCe.

She is of course beautiful (in my opinion) but its her hair that draws me in, specifically her beautiful fringe.

I always toy with the idea of a fringe every time I go to the hairdresser… which actually isn’t often (sorry Paul). I’m terribly lazy with my hair, often going months between cuts. I always know when its due one as I tend to wear it up a lot, exactly what I’m doing these days. I’ve never gone for a full on fringe though (a long sweeping one yes that can be tied back) as I’ve always thought my forehead is too small to carry it off. I had one as a little girl but when I look at these pictures, it looks all wrong.

Hannah’s fringe really makes me want to take the leap, but I know my hair is completely unlike hers. If I don’t blow dry it, it has a natural, annoying, wave, and humidity, well. Lets just say Monica from Friends and the episode when they are in Barbados!

A recent Pinterest board has given me some ideas but I’m still scared. It’s a dramatic change that will probably require more maintainence than I’m probably willing to put in of a morning.

I think I need to dwell on it a little more, but any comments from anyone who has gone for this look would be welcome. Did you like it? Did it work on you? How long did it take to grow out if you didn’t like it?

Loads of questions sorry! Any help would be more than welcome!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X