Too Cool for School



The trend for an “old-skool” satchel is not a new one. A plethora of companies now offer something from a saddle bag type satchel to your classic brown school satchel. Having one has been on my radar for a while, but I’ve not been able to decide which one I really like.

I would say that I definitely use my bags to the fullest, i.e. I carry the world and it’s wife, and therefore they get heavy. I’ve also recently taken to wearing a handbag across my body giving me more hands to carry a much needed umbrella (when will it stop raining!) and another bag which I always seem to have (usually spare shoes).


I’ve had this satchel saved in my basket for a while but I can’t pinpoint what has stopped me buying it. Maybe the size… i don’t want something as big.


I also really like these, but still pine after the more satchel like shape. The silver is really pretty though and would go with everything.



I also really like the new spring colours that Zatchels are offering, but I fear they would date quickly.

It was with a stroke of luck then that I popped into one of my favourite local stores (which happens to be right by my office) on the way to a lunch this afternoon and discovered these beauties. The patent leather ones are so pretty, but the metallic silver swung it for me.


Pauline, the owner of Hide All, has strived hard over the last year to make sure everything she sells is British-Made and she has successfully fulfilled this mission. With a store full of gems from Darling Clothes, to Carrie Elspeth jewellery and Simon Carter gifts for the guys, she’s got it covered. It’s today’s delivery that caught my eye though.

This bag is just what I was after. Small enough not to overload, but large enough to fit my purse in (v. important) it’s the perfect mini-satchel, which can also be used as a cross-body bag or a clutch. Barbara Wiggins is a personal friend of Pauline’s, and it’s exciting that her designs are now stocked in store. I also hear that she is due in-store soon for a customer afternoon. I’ll be going to that then!

Not only are the bags lovely, the diaries and key fobs would make great gifts.

Pauline – you have solved my dilemma (and now I have the same silver bag as you!) 🙂 Thank you so much.

Take a look at Barbara’s website, or if you are ever in the Shad Thames or Greenwich areas, do pop in and have a look around the shop.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X



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