Morning Kick Start

Since embarking on the #Whole30 on January 1st (more of that later), I’ve fallen in love again with a good cup of Java.

I’ve dabbled with drinking my coffee black before, namely when I did a stint of Atkins before Wedding Day. Usually taken with milk and sometimes a sugar, the cold-turkey nature of the hot black staff jarred my senses back at the start of the month, but I now find it the perfect morning kick start. Plus ironically, I’m drinking tea and coffee less throughout the day. That morning caffeine injection does have its pluses!

This time round have a Nespresso Machine, and we’ve also taken our cafetiere out of hiding. Richard and I tend to favour Taylor’s of Harrogate (their Hot Lava Java is fantastic) or Waitrose-own ground coffee for this (Monsooned Malabar being a go-to)… A good blend certainly does make a difference when drinking it black!

I’ve also noticed that there is life outside of Starbucks. Costa and Nero actually do amazing coffee as it comes. Very good depth of flavour.

Our local establishment though has to be Urban Kitchen. This really is a great cup of coffee. If you are in Reigate, make sure you visit one of their cafés for a taste.

So… How do you take your coffee? Are there places or blends I’ve not mentioned here? Would love to know!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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