Luscious Locks

Today’s #encouragebeauty prompt has got me thinking about my hair again, and the constant debate I have with myself. Do I cut it? Do I add in a fringe? Should I colour it?

I’m a creature of habit, preferring to wear it long and actually, I’m pretty lazy with it. A shorter style would require more time. Time I don’t have! Plus I like having long hair. I feel like me with long hair. Today’s post isn’t about my hair though.

I’m going to share a few of my hair heroines… All pretty obvious ones.

Ms Palermo has wonderful hair. Whether long or worn as a “Lob” (long bob), she always looks immaculate. Hair I can only dream of!

Ms Beckinsale’s hair is Hollywood Glamour at its finest. An English Rose in the US she’s definitely had the LA treatment. I do prefer her as a true brunette though.

Not much explanation needed here, the Duchess’ hair is always coiffed to perfection. I wish I had a hairdresser on hand 24-7. Its nice to see she has bad hair days too (see her South Pacific trip photos for evidence!)

If I were blonde, I’d want Ms Deeley’s hair. Another Brit girl that’s been LA’d, her sunny locks shine.

We must take a minute though to appreciate Mrs Beckham. She’s had more hairstyles than I have shoes which is saying something. 100% for effort. Not all have suited her but going from a signature Bob through extensions, the shortest crop and blonde, she’s now settled on something that suits her Designer status. How long until we see another change though?

Who are your hair heroes?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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