One Remarkable Piece

I’ve had to give the post today a little more thought. The interpretation of today’s prompt could be very different for different people. A piece within a past or present collection; something in your home; something that someone else has; something with meaning. After mulling the ideas over, I’ve decided to share the latter. A piece that’s closest to me, something that I cherish wearing day after day… My engagement ring.

A Platinum Emerald Cut Solitaire on a low setting, every day it reminds me of the day Richard asked me to marry him. A very hot English Summer day, July 10, 2010. We were married 7 months later.

We actually chose the ring together after he’d gotten down on one knee in Green Park (a place we visited on our first date) having presented me with a Links of London heart charm with “Sold” written across it.

After an amazing brunch at The Wolseley, still now a firm favourite, the search began.

We wandered up through the Burlington Arcade and along Bond Street and I actually didn’t have a style in mind, maybe slightly odd to some people I know. The fact it chose an Emerald cut is down to the lovely lady in Boodles. After some champagne and the initial squeals of congratulations and excitement, she was wonderful at presenting us with a few options. I knew I wanted a solitaire, on a low platinum setting, but that was it.

The vintage-style rings were gorgeous, but just not me, and I loved the diamond bands but didn’t want to forgo solitaire carat weight over a sparkly band. When it came to try on the Emerald cut, it’s a cliche, but it was just perfect. The rectangle stone elongated my fingers and the facets, though not as sparkly as a Brilliant cut diamond, shone. I was sold.

Unfortunately for Boodles (but fortunately for H2B) the ring I had on my finger was a 3-carat diamond worth over £25,000. Just a tad over the allotted budget. Ahem.

We left Boodles happy that we’d narrowed down the ring shape and after a lovely afternoon shopping, drinking champagne and marvelling at all the sparkle, came upon “the one”.

I love the fact the band is plain (it meant I got to have sparkle in my wedding band!) and the setting is low. Beautiful and perfect.

What’s your one remarkable piece?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

One thought on “One Remarkable Piece

  1. Beautiful ring and lovely story! I would say my engagement ring is my most treasured possession. I love it so much and it was designed especially for me. I feel so blessed to have such a lovely husband – he’s not hugely romantic really but he got it so right with the ring ! 🙂

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