Tuesday Shoes-Day

Zara Basic Metallic Snake Pointed Courts

Hello everyone! Yes, it’s the return of #TuesdayShoesDay. I’ve been AWOL for the good part of two months. My diary has been so hectic and I’ve been abroad three times with work in that time. I really needed to get a balance back and so blogging had to give for a bit.

In that time too I’ve also had a mass wardrobe clear-out and swap-over for the season. I find it so cathartic, and it also means I get to go shopping in my own closet!

I found these beauts and wanted to make sure I wear them whilst tights are still optional. I love the muted metallic and the fact they are more pewter than silver is a win for me. They are also a great wearable height. Just right for the walk to the office.

For today, they pick up the grey pattern in this Elm Designs dress really nicely. Speaking of the dress, I bought it from Gracies. Janine stocks some wonderful bits from this now discontinued brand. This dress is so easy to wear plus takes a dress size off you (in my opinion).

Today I’m wearing:

Black wiggle dress – Elm Designs
Rose Gold Chrono – Michael Kors
Metallic Pointed Courts – Zara
Glasses – Marc by Marc Jacobs

I’m looking forward to resuming all things blog-related. Must be something in the Autumn air!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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