Stop to Watch

Sometimes, there is an advert on TV that just makes you stop to watch. Every year I look forward to the John Lewis and M&S Christmas ads, signalling for me the start of the festive season.

Then there are others that come along that just make you stop, appreciate and think. In recent times, these have been the VW Polo ad, the Sony Bravia ad, the TUI Holidays ad and then even more recently, the Vauxhall ad. I like all these for different reasons, but most of all, how they make me feel.

Whilst this post contains subject on what I do for a living, it’s not about that. Of the above ads, have I bought the products that I saw? No. But does that mean they have not been successful? No again. Having learnt from our own TV ad that aired for the first time this year, brand recall is just as important.

The reason for this post though was the Johnson’s Baby “Life is Reborn” ad.

In 60 seconds it brought back memories of the last 15 months we’ve had with our own baby and the overwhelming joy and love he’s brought us. However, do I buy Johnson’s products? Actually no. A big congratulations to TBWA\Chiat\Day, the agency behind it.

What are your favourite TV ads?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tuesday Shoes-Day

Zara Basic Metallic Snake Pointed Courts

Hello everyone! Yes, it’s the return of #TuesdayShoesDay. I’ve been AWOL for the good part of two months. My diary has been so hectic and I’ve been abroad three times with work in that time. I really needed to get a balance back and so blogging had to give for a bit.

In that time too I’ve also had a mass wardrobe clear-out and swap-over for the season. I find it so cathartic, and it also means I get to go shopping in my own closet!

I found these beauts and wanted to make sure I wear them whilst tights are still optional. I love the muted metallic and the fact they are more pewter than silver is a win for me. They are also a great wearable height. Just right for the walk to the office.

For today, they pick up the grey pattern in this Elm Designs dress really nicely. Speaking of the dress, I bought it from Gracies. Janine stocks some wonderful bits from this now discontinued brand. This dress is so easy to wear plus takes a dress size off you (in my opinion).

Today I’m wearing:

Black wiggle dress – Elm Designs
Rose Gold Chrono – Michael Kors
Metallic Pointed Courts – Zara
Glasses – Marc by Marc Jacobs

I’m looking forward to resuming all things blog-related. Must be something in the Autumn air!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X