Colourful Summer

Summer brings with it a wealth of things… Long days, hopefully balmy evenings (thank goodness we’ve had a few of these this year), bright clothes and happy people to name but a few…. But mostly I enjoy the fact that one of my favourite flowers comes out in force.

I love Gladioli. After Tulips, they are my go-to flower for some colour in our home. As soon as June comes round, our weekly trolley has these blooms poking out of the end. The colours they come in and their height mean they are amazing as a focal point in any room.

I love the dark purple, white and coral blooms, but any colour will do. M&S usually have great deals on where they are £2.50 for a bunch of four stems. Great value.


I’ve always thought they’d make stunning centrepieces for a Summer Wedding… and very cost effective!

What’s your favourite summer bloom?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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