In your Hands


For a long time now, I’ve used a Hand cream. I loathe the feeling of dry hands and in my earlier years this was heightened due to working in a hotel where I was constantly washing them. I always wear Rubber Gloves to wash up and having a baby meant I was constantly on the washing, drying cycle.

Hand cream is therefore my saviour. I have to actively seek some out if there isn’t any and therefore I tend to carry some on me at all times.

Firstly, it was just basic cream like the Nivea’s and Vaseline’s of the world, but I became savvy to the myriad of different options out there. From the world beauty brands to independent retailers, almost everyone has some kind of cream, whether its specifically for hands or a general body lotion.

I am quite picky though. I don’t like it too scented, especially overly floral scents. Nor do I like it too thick or too greasy. Not asking for much then right?! Molton Brown was de rigeur in a lot of restaurants a while ago but then different spas started to make an appearance. I discovered the joys of Cowshed whilst on a Virgin flight to Miami for example, which ensued in my buying the Dirty Cow/ Cow Pat duo on my return from that trip.


For my handbag, I tend to always choose a Coconut scent, and M&S has never failed me with their Creamy Coconut £1 tubes. This is still my go-to on-the-go choice. For home though, Cowshed still remains up there as one of my favourites but a couple of new ones have recently made me change things up a bit.


The Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm is wonderful. The botanical scent is so uplifting and you only need a tiny bit. Discovered at my boss’ house, and then shortly afterwards at a pub in Hampshire, it was lucky then there is a small Aesop store in Borough Market. However, at £83 for the Duet it was a bit rich, even if it does last well!


& Other Stories came up trumps with their beauty range, and having been in store a few times since opening earlier this year, their Body range is fantastic. The Moroccan Mint tea scent I love is a great mix between botanical and fresh, and using the wash and lotion layered over gives a lasting scent reminiscent of sunny climes.

I currently have these residing in my bathroom and at £4, they are much more accessible than the Aesop wonders.

Finally are the humorous Anatomicals Hand Washes which brighten up a kitchen windowsill. Followed up with any hand cream, these washes are fun, and cheap!

Are you a stickler for moisturised hands… Or is that just my strange quirk?! Any creams, lotions or potions you’d recommend?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Local Living: Pop Up Restaurant at The Vine King


I’m a big fan of trying something new, whether that’s a trend, watching a new film, a new place to eat or at the extreme, finding out about a different culture on our travels. It was to my joy then that this new experience happened upon us, and that it was on our doorstep.


The VineKing in Reigate is a small, independent wine merchant who up until around two years ago only had one shop in Reigate. Situated a the bottom of our Road, it’s our go-to place for trying something different wine-wise. Plus its always handy for that emergency bottle! These are the guys that started to stock a very nice, small range of Red Zinfandels, a wine we both fell in love with after going to the Californian wine country on our Honeymoon.

Erik is a very proactive MD who’s empire is now four shops, two in Reigate, one in Horley and one in Weybridge. Holding many events, the Summer and Christmas tastings are calendar highlights along with a myriad of different events throughout the year. It was a leaflet in-store for this activity though that really caught our eye … A Pop Up Restaurant.

The concept of a Pop Up is not a new one and working in London gives us access to many. However, one on your doorstep, that offers such great value, is not to be missed.


The Vineking PopUp is chefed by Maxwell Mackenzie, formerly of Marcus Wareing, and I’m literally not joking when I say the food on the night we went is some of the best we’ve eaten, made even better by the fact the facilities he’s cooking on are so limited (its a wine shop, not a kitchen!)

The premise is that the food that is cooked is then paired with wines that the shop sells – one traditional pairing, and something a little different. At four courses, suffice to say it was a Good job we were walking home!

The whole evening is such simple genius, its a wonder someone hasn’t done this before (they may have but not to my knowledge) and as its local to us it makes it even more special. At £55 a head including the wine (£35 without), as a date night or something a bit special, its worth the money. We have definitely paid more for lesser meals in the past.

However, its not just about the food and wine of course. It’s the atmosphere, and the exclusive feeling you get when you are sitting at one of the 24 places in the shop. The pairings are all explained individually by very friendly and knowledgeable staff, and if you don’t like something, you’re given more of what you do like.

I really urge anyone that can spare a weekday evening (only downside due to inevitable hangover after 6+ glasses of wine) to go along. There is a bit of a wait but it will definitely be worth your while.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tuesday Shoes-Day

H&M Beige Quilted Ballet Flats

Its been a while Readers. I’ve been busy with Weddings, a Wee-Man’s First Birthday and of course regular life and work. I’m definitely spreading myself more thinly now I have a child! Its hard to see everyone and do everything you want to in the time you have!

Today’s shoes are from H&M and I like them as they are neutral and they have some nice gold detail which makes them look a little more expensive.

Its so hard to know what to wear in London when its like LA. a working wardrobe in the heat is not something I’m great at for a mix of cool yet elegant. Plus today has seen me awake from 4am with Calum who just wasn’t into sleeping.

These white trousers from Zara fit the cool bill nicely, but I’ve failed on the top. No time again to find a perfect pairing!

I’m wearing:

Black T-shirt – M&S
White Stripe Trousers – Zara
Starfish Necklace – Tiffany gift from Hubs

If anyone has any recommendations of how to keep cool but stay elegant, they’d be much appreciated!

I’m also posting here my last two week’ Tuesday Shoes Days as I didn’t get round to a full post…


Two weeks ago… LK Bennett Taupe Shiloh Courts

Honestly, the originality here is astounding… Not. These shoes are ten-a-penny in the City!

I’m wearing these with:

Floral Trousers – Topshop
Grey Tshirt – American Apparel
Denim Jacket – TU at Sainsbury’s


Last week… Kurt Geiger Tan Leather Flats

A pair I’ve had for ages but love for the buckle detail. They go so well with this skirt.

I’m wearing with:

Skirt – M&S
Star print jacket – Zara
Silk Blouse – Banana Republic

Hope your days are sunny and stress-free. Mine is going to be hugely caffine fuelled! Normal service resuming hopefully (until next week when I’m on my hollies!)

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X