Tuesday Shoes-Day

La Senza Knitted Fairisle Slipper Boots

Almost June and in knitted slipper boots?! What the hell is going on!

Today’s TuesdayShoesDay comes from the house where I’ve been cold all day. Even in my three layers, working has been a chilly affair with plenty of hot drinks being consumed. No summer breeze wafting through open windows for me!

I got these slippers in my Christmas Stocking two years ago. Not one to normally shop myself in La Senza they were a thoughtful gift from “Santa” given that our house is wooden floors or tile all the way through the downstairs and on cold winter days the Victorian lady gets a little cold on the soles! I do much prefer being barefoot but I do like those Fairisle knit pattern and the Pom Poms. Its cute! At no point did I think if be wearing them in the almost Summer though.

I’m wearing them (and no make-up, apologies) with:

Navy Cardigan – Zara
Floral print shirt – Zara
Baxter Skinny Jeans – Topshop

I’m fed up of putting when the weather gets warmer on my posts. I think I may dig out the brown knee highs again :/

Do you wear slippers in the house?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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