Tuesday Shoes-Day

Autograph Leopard Bow Flats

It’s all gone a bit wild today! Leopard on Leopard.

Also I felt the need to be wearing Sunglasses indoors as my eye is playing up. I’m not sure whether its the tail end of Calum’s conjunctivitis, or the Pollen. Either way, I’m on Antihistamines and eye drops but vanity must prevail! 🙂

I’ve had these pumps for a while now, and when I first got them they were SO UNCOMFORTABLE. Not sure if its because Pony Skin has no give but they were über hard. Its taken this long to wear them in.

Today’s #StyleMeMay prompt was Smitten with scarves, so I’ve gone Leopard on Leopard, finished with Leopard. A bit much? Maybe, but I like it.

Today I’m wearing the pumps with:

Leopard Blouse – Zara
Black Cigarette Trousers – Zara
Leopard Scarf – Stephen Sprouse/LV
Sunglasses – ASOS

What do you think of today’s choice? Too winter like for May, or just right for this weather?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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