Basically Impossible

The very nature of the word Basic implies that its something that’s easy. Something readily found and simple to get hold of. Why then, are the so-called wardrobe “basics”, the hardest things on the planet to buy?

I had a big, long overdue, sort out yesterday, and concluded that whilst I have a great selection of skirts, trousers and dresses, plus some really nice “dressier” tops, I’m lacking in the good T-shirt department. It’s my own fault. I never look to go shopping for the perfect white t-shirt, or black crew neck. What I shop for is colour that then goes with neutral trousers or black skirts. Who’d have thought that it’s the simplest things that have left a gap in my wardrobe?

My style has changed a little since having a baby and returning to work for a company who’s ethos is about fun. Gone are the days of a suit with a shirt and court shoes. What’s taken its place is a look which would work as well for lunch with friends as in the office. Trousers with a blazer and statement necklace; jeans with a cardigan and high heels; skirts topped off with a more casual sweater and sandals… All underpinned by a good T-shirt.

I’m not alone in this look. Plenty of people out there, celebs or otherwise, wear this “uniform” on a daily basis. What then, when it is something that’s so needed, makes these so hard to find?!

I’ve tried many things… Silk Tees from Gap and Aubin & Wills (which although great for the office don’t translate well for weekends);

scoop neck “limited” tees from M&S which although comfy are too clingy for the look I’m after;

the TopShop Scalloped vest which every woman and her dog owns (ok, I confess, I have it in three colours and it is nice but there are bra and length issues to contend with);

American Apparel t-shirts which aren’t quite right.

I think I may have found the answer though.

J. Crew.

I know, I know… I bang on about this brand, and have even been told by my American boss that over there they are nothing that special (he favours Tom Ford and Chrome Hearts so I automatically stop listening to his sartorial choices), but they do womenswear well.

Jenna Lyons really has perfectly positioned her brand to be both aspirational and wearable. Very important indeed. Tom Mora describes the J.Crew woman as Confident. Chic. Smart. Good man!

Apparently, their Vintage Cotton Tees are legendary, so much so they come in a multitude of colours. I would love to be able to try one first (as I size up or down depending on the fit I’m after), but there is no store here until the Autumn and returning things on line is annoying, especially to the US even if return are free. I guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet and order.

To start with I’d go for Black to see what its like, then add White, Navy and Grey to the collection. There’s no shame in owning a few of the same thing in different colours. I do that A LOT!

So the question to you readers is… Do you have one of these tees? How’s the fit? Would you recommend? Or perhaps there’s a basic that you have and I know nothing of. If that’s the case, do please share!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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