Tuesday Shoes-Day

Dune Fin Tan Peep-Toe Courts

Quick post today as I’m so tired. Wee-man has decided to start waking at around 1am to demonstrate he can walk around the cot waving, thus gets excited and starts screeching. When there’s no-one to show-off to, the crying ensues. It makes for tired parents!

Today, I think, is the first “formal” open toe shoe choice. THE SUN IS OUT! YIPEE! I love these shoes. Not only do they go with everything, they are so comfy. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve re-heeled them now. Great height for work to wear all day too.

I’m wearing them with:

Black Blazer – H&M
Cobalt T-Shirt – Limited Collection M&S
Floral print skirt – Louche via Joy

This is the skirts first outing, a purchase made when I was with bump that I now get to wear. It’s had a lot of Instagram love today too as part of my #StyleMeMay challenge. It’s a lovely print!

The rain is coming again tomorrow. No wonder Hubs and I have “Summer Colds”. Can it not stay the same for a while please?!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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