#StyleMeMay: Days 16-23


The challenge continues and I’ve really been made to think outside the box with some of my choices. I was really struggling with my Red Alert cue for the 16th as I was part of a CIMTIG panel debate so knew I had to look smart but my dress of choice seemed to work.

Favourites in this round up are my statement holographic clutch from & Other Stories which was showcased with boots and a coat… IN LATE MAY! The other is my beloved Cartier, a 30th present to myself with the help of friends and family. Its vintage and has a great story behind it. Love.

Almost done… Final update with you soon.

What was your favourite?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tuesday Shoes-Day

La Senza Knitted Fairisle Slipper Boots

Almost June and in knitted slipper boots?! What the hell is going on!

Today’s TuesdayShoesDay comes from the house where I’ve been cold all day. Even in my three layers, working has been a chilly affair with plenty of hot drinks being consumed. No summer breeze wafting through open windows for me!

I got these slippers in my Christmas Stocking two years ago. Not one to normally shop myself in La Senza they were a thoughtful gift from “Santa” given that our house is wooden floors or tile all the way through the downstairs and on cold winter days the Victorian lady gets a little cold on the soles! I do much prefer being barefoot but I do like those Fairisle knit pattern and the Pom Poms. Its cute! At no point did I think if be wearing them in the almost Summer though.

I’m wearing them (and no make-up, apologies) with:

Navy Cardigan – Zara
Floral print shirt – Zara
Baxter Skinny Jeans – Topshop

I’m fed up of putting when the weather gets warmer on my posts. I think I may dig out the brown knee highs again :/

Do you wear slippers in the house?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tuesday Shoes-Day


Dorothy Perkins Griege Patent Courts

I don’t often use the word Griege but I think it best describes the colour of these pumps. A great nude, they go with beiges and greys, and tone in with plenty of my staple outfits.

Bought from Dorothy Perkins a while ago they have been re-heeled a few times as during the summer, they are go-to for work… smartening up both skirts and trousers. I like the almond toe too. I don’t have the narrowest of feet so a reprieve from the very pointed styles that are currently in is welcome.

Today I’m wearing them with:

Ikat print quilted jacket – H&M
Stripe tshirt – Zara
Black cropped trousers – Autograph M&S

I like the way the prints in wearing both clash and tone, and that the Griege in the Jacket picks up the shoes.

I really do need to sort my hair out. It desperately needs a cut but I just don’t have time. Baby, home remodelling (of the garden variety) and work mean my schedule is full. I need to make time!

What have you been wearing this week?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

#StyleMeMay: Days 11-15

20130515-110317.jpgContinuing with the challenge has been made a little easier this week due to a big wardrobe sort out I had on Sunday.

Fortuitous as I dug out the H&M Conscious Collection “painterly” print skirt I have. Made of organic cotton is has a lovely sheen to it and the soft pleats make it fall beautifully. Perfect indeed for twirling! Also reading this weeks Stylist magazine, I see that M&S’s new AW13 collections are similar in print to that skirt…

Rich hues and roses. Good to know I’m already ahead of the curve!

One of my favourite pieces is today’s Biker Jacket… Worn for the cue Second Hand. I had been coveting this jacket after seeing a girl wearing it on the Tube and I swear I made my eyesight worse by straining to see what was written on the zips. Luckily I saw it was Karen Millen. Many google searches, Bicester visits and eBay scans later I found one, in my size, on eBay. A bargain was won.

Another update to come soon. Hope you are enjoying the challenge.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Tuesday Shoes-Day

Autograph Leopard Bow Flats

It’s all gone a bit wild today! Leopard on Leopard.

Also I felt the need to be wearing Sunglasses indoors as my eye is playing up. I’m not sure whether its the tail end of Calum’s conjunctivitis, or the Pollen. Either way, I’m on Antihistamines and eye drops but vanity must prevail! 🙂

I’ve had these pumps for a while now, and when I first got them they were SO UNCOMFORTABLE. Not sure if its because Pony Skin has no give but they were über hard. Its taken this long to wear them in.

Today’s #StyleMeMay prompt was Smitten with scarves, so I’ve gone Leopard on Leopard, finished with Leopard. A bit much? Maybe, but I like it.

Today I’m wearing the pumps with:

Leopard Blouse – Zara
Black Cigarette Trousers – Zara
Leopard Scarf – Stephen Sprouse/LV
Sunglasses – ASOS

What do you think of today’s choice? Too winter like for May, or just right for this weather?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

Basically Impossible

The very nature of the word Basic implies that its something that’s easy. Something readily found and simple to get hold of. Why then, are the so-called wardrobe “basics”, the hardest things on the planet to buy?

I had a big, long overdue, sort out yesterday, and concluded that whilst I have a great selection of skirts, trousers and dresses, plus some really nice “dressier” tops, I’m lacking in the good T-shirt department. It’s my own fault. I never look to go shopping for the perfect white t-shirt, or black crew neck. What I shop for is colour that then goes with neutral trousers or black skirts. Who’d have thought that it’s the simplest things that have left a gap in my wardrobe?

My style has changed a little since having a baby and returning to work for a company who’s ethos is about fun. Gone are the days of a suit with a shirt and court shoes. What’s taken its place is a look which would work as well for lunch with friends as in the office. Trousers with a blazer and statement necklace; jeans with a cardigan and high heels; skirts topped off with a more casual sweater and sandals… All underpinned by a good T-shirt.

I’m not alone in this look. Plenty of people out there, celebs or otherwise, wear this “uniform” on a daily basis. What then, when it is something that’s so needed, makes these so hard to find?!

I’ve tried many things… Silk Tees from Gap and Aubin & Wills (which although great for the office don’t translate well for weekends);

scoop neck “limited” tees from M&S which although comfy are too clingy for the look I’m after;

the TopShop Scalloped vest which every woman and her dog owns (ok, I confess, I have it in three colours and it is nice but there are bra and length issues to contend with);

American Apparel t-shirts which aren’t quite right.

I think I may have found the answer though.

J. Crew.

I know, I know… I bang on about this brand, and have even been told by my American boss that over there they are nothing that special (he favours Tom Ford and Chrome Hearts so I automatically stop listening to his sartorial choices), but they do womenswear well.

Jenna Lyons really has perfectly positioned her brand to be both aspirational and wearable. Very important indeed. Tom Mora describes the J.Crew woman as Confident. Chic. Smart. Good man!

Apparently, their Vintage Cotton Tees are legendary, so much so they come in a multitude of colours. I would love to be able to try one first (as I size up or down depending on the fit I’m after), but there is no store here until the Autumn and returning things on line is annoying, especially to the US even if return are free. I guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet and order.

To start with I’d go for Black to see what its like, then add White, Navy and Grey to the collection. There’s no shame in owning a few of the same thing in different colours. I do that A LOT!

So the question to you readers is… Do you have one of these tees? How’s the fit? Would you recommend? Or perhaps there’s a basic that you have and I know nothing of. If that’s the case, do please share!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

#StyleMeMay: Days 1-10

I’m well aware that this is mostly a collection of pictures of my feet, but such were the nature of my choices for the #StyleMeMay challenge thus far.

It’s actually been really nice to think more about what to wear of a morning (well actually, the night before) and the sunshine at the start of May really did help.

There are a couple of entries missing here… Four Eyed and Fabulous and The Pink Ladies. I wasn’t well over Bank Holiday weekend, so those were missed.

I hope I can remain creative for the next few entries. Some (like the yellow necklace on Day 1) have required more thought since the weather hasn’t allowed for the original plan.

Lets see how things continue.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X