Tuesday Shoes-Day

Gap Blue Suede Tassel Loafers

Today these shoes have given a pop of colour to a go-to outfit for me… Stripes. Last Monday, Rebecca over at Florence Finds posted about The Style Up. After reading her post, I signed myself up, as who doesn’t need some inspiration in the mornings when getting ready? I swear it was easier when I was at school, or working in a hotel, where a uniform was required. No thought needed!

My inspiration email arrived last night and it was very doable with clothes I knew I could access (I’m in the middle of a wardrobe transition). Below you’ll see my inspiration image, and my take on it

I do get one of these emails every day, but I often just bank them. Yesterday’s was easy to recreate. I did have a trench on but I ditched it as today has been GLORIOUS! Whoop whoop, Spring is here!

Now back to the shoes. For those of you that follow me on Instagram you may recall that I also have these particular shoes in a different colourway. Both were bought in the Gap Sale but the blue ones were an amazing bargain at an extra reduction… £9.99! Under £10 for Suede! Yes please. Here they are in the Beige/Neon Yellow.

I have my eye open for the Pink. They are so comfortable. I don’t think the green made it to UK shores.



They seriously are so comfy. Slippers! That’s a good thing considering the condition my feet are in!

I’m wearing them with:

Navy & White Bretton Tunic – Uniqlo
Black Opaque Tights – M&S
Black Beaded Necklace – Phase Eight
Blue Patent Belt – ASOS

More sun = wider choice of shoes now. Can’t wait 🙂

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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