Flat & Fabulous Week Three

Only one week left of the challenge! Where is time going?! I had to choose footwear carefully this week. Nothing that was going to give me blisters in the lead up to the big race!

My favourite were the Tan Kurt Geiger pumps from Wednesday. I love the brown and yellow detail with the Tan leather. It means they go with a lot of outfits!

Sunday’s pair however will always have a special place in my heart. The shoes I ran the London Marathon in. Never again… But more on that soon!

Shoes worn were:

Monday – Primark Black Quilted, Studded pumps
Tuesday – Carvela Grey Library flats
Wednesday – Tan Kurt Geiger Pumps
Thursday – Zara Pale Pink Suede, Rose Gold Toecap pumps
Friday – Gap Blue Suede Tassel loafers
Saturday – Tall Chestnut Uggs
Sunday – Nike Fitsole Trail Running shoes

I wore Uggs on Saturday despite the nice day as I was being kind to my feet. They were after all going to take me on a 26.2 mile run the next day!

Hopefully, some of my more summery pairs can come out this week!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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