Tuesday Shoes-Day

Carvela Grey Library Flats

Sometimes there is a pair of shoes you wish you’d bought in several colours (or is this nuance just me?). This is one of those pairs. Bought back in 2009 in the Kurt Geiger sale, I actually found them very uncomfortable to begin with, but as they wore-in, and the fact they have an elastic back, they became one of my go-to pairs of flat. So much so they are now in pretty bad shape (but still wearable!)

I bought the grey pair as it was a neutral that I didn’t own much of at the time, and it had silver on the toe instead of gold, but they also came in a lovely violet, plum and black. Wish I’d got these too at £19 a pair!

The detail on the toe is lovely…

A nice lift with the Metallic flower. A more subtle version of the Christian Louboutin Adona flats I like but are much more in your face!


Today I’m wearing them with:

Navy Tshirt with Black neckline – H&M Trend
Printed Pants – Per Una Speziale, M&S

I kept the shoes pretty tame today as the trousers do all the talking. It’s so nice to be able to wear lighter clothes now the weather is a tad warmer!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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