The Marathon Diaries: Week 19

7 days to go

So this is it. One week before the big race. I can’t quite believe its here already. In real terms I’ve been waiting for this since October 2011 when I first got accepted, and then deferred as I would have been 7 months pregnant this time last year.

Could I have taken the easy option post having our Son and decided not to run it this year? Absolutely. Would I have felt always that I’d let myself down if I’d have not at least tried? Definitely. (Two deferred ballot places means you’re out).

And here I am. In excess of 300 miles run from September 2012, having not been a lover of road running prior to this, I feel pretty proud of that achievement alone. My toes and feet have taken a bit of a battering, although my toenails could definitely be looking worse.

I’m also suffering with a tight, right ITB so lots of work on the foam roller for me this week, along with zero alcohol, 75% more carbs, and a nice easily digestible supper on Saturday night (thanks to Gail & Ian who are kindly putting me up in their home at Blackheath).
I’m excited, nervous and ready to run the London Marathon. As I said in my very first Marathon Diaries post, it was something that has been on my bucket list, and I owe it to myself to tick it off. An old boss at my student placement once wrote a word on a scrap of paper, then handed it to me on my leaving do. That word was persevere. It’s stood me in good stead ever since. Thank you Phil. That’s the cherry on my motivation cake this week. You’ll find me posting something daily to help me along over on Instagram.

I’m going to end this post with a shameless plug to my chosen charity… Crohn’s & Colitis UK. I was hoping to get to £1000 in sponsorship and I can believe I’m over that. If I can get to £2000 it would be amazing.

Wish me luck. I hope the weather stays like this. My run yesterday was quite hot. I think I may need Capris and my Oakleys!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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