Tuesday Shoes-Day

Faith Pink Pointed Jewel Pumps

Faith! Who remembers that brand and store? I remember getting the majority of my “fashion” shoes there in my late-teens/early 20s. Now available in Debenhams as a concession and online at ASOS and Amazon, the brand is still out there but not as visible as it once was.

These pumps were actually bought from a Dress Agency in Reigate that I love called Gracies. Brand new and never worn, they were a bargain this time last year, and filled a need I had with Flat shoes and being pregnant.

I like the interest that the Black Jewels bring to them… Kind of Geometric in their look, they mean that wearing them with black makes the outfit pull together better, in my opinion.

In keeping with my April Challenge of Flat & Fabulous too, they make a nice addition to today’s outfit.

I’m wearing them with:

Neon Boucle Blazer – Zara
Beige Sparkle top – M&S Autograph
Snakeskin Print Grey Ankle Grazers – Primark
Lariat necklace – Topshop

They definitely add a nice pop of colour to the outfit, and in real life, bring out the pick thread that’s in the jacket. In hindsight, probably not the best choice for today’s wet weather as my feet were damp when I got to the office, but hey-Ho!

Do you have any Faith shoes that you still wear?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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