The Marathon Diaries: Week 18

14 days to go

This time in two weeks I shall have hopefully completed the Virgin London Marathon! If all goes well, I’ll be seeing my uber supportive Hubby and Bubba who will be at Shadwell, miles 13 and 22, with the Crohn’s & Colitis crew, and then the parents in laws at Westminster at mile 25.

I have to say though, I’m looking forward to the race being done. This last two weeks I’ve been so tired. Drained from the miles I’m putting in as well as working and having a 9-month old, its far from easy. At home, Hubby will testify that at any down time, I’m mostly asleep!

These last two weeks also haven’t been without their lows. A run I was supposed to do 20 miles on went wrong after I stopped, albeit for seconds, to talk to a friend in Priory Park, and then I couldn’t get going again. Rhythm lost.

A blister recurring on my dreaded right foot… Not painful, but annoying. Then today’s run where hubby had to collect me at mile 10 as my knee was really irritated. Ibulieve and a bath tonight I think.

I’m hoping for a better last two weeks. Fitness-wise I’m there, I just hope my hardware (body) stays in the game. Mentally I’m OK too I think. A four-hour stint on the Bike in the Gym (in lieu of a long run due to bruising my L2 in a fall down the stairs) helped with that.

One things for sure. Roll on this time in two weeks. It will all be worth it then.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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