The Eyes have it

Since having Calum, my eyesight has gotten worse. I’ve been slightly short-sighted since University, wearing glasses since I was about 19 for lectures, driving and watching the TV. At only -1, I could get by without them… with a bit of a squint. My glasses back then were a pair of thin black wire-framed Emporio Armani’s that I loved.

Vanity then prevailed in my mid-20s when I relied on glasses a little more, my sight changing to -1.5, and so Contact Lens’ were tried, tested and used. A lot. I also bought a new pair of glasses, something to change up my look, and got a pair of plastic framed, pink, Miu Miu specs in about 2007.

These are the glasses I still wear today. I’m pictured here in said glasses at the 2008 Boat Race (by the River in Barnes with my friend Jo) and this week in my Tuesday Shoes-day post, 5 years later!

During my pregnancy, my eyes deteriorated but apparently that’s a common side effect. The optician told me to come back and see her 8-10 weeks post-birth when things had settled down. My eyes should be back to normal I was told. Fast-forward to that time, and they were in the same worse state, now -2.

For ease, I just had new lens’ put in my existing Miu Miu frames, but I longed for something different. Working in Marketing (cliche I know) I wanted something a little more “media”.

I flukily saw some Marc by Marc Jacobs frames on Secret Sales at a hugely discounted price and decided, on a bit of a whim, to order them. I didn’t know how big they’d be, or even if they’d suit me, but I was excited nonetheless. Reading this article on Emerald Street also heightened the anticipation of getting them… Jenna Lyons now features quite liberally on my Specs Pinterest board!

Well yesterday I was put out of my misery. The glasses arrived and I love them!

Prescription lens to be added, hopefully this weekend, and then I can look at an updated face in the mirror. Still can’t decide which i prefer, I think the left pair as they are more classic, but either way I’m looking forward to the change. I love how different styles can give you a completely different look.

How often to you change your glasses if you are a wearer? Do you stick to one pair, or rotate a few?

Erin, Love from Cornfield…X

4 thoughts on “The Eyes have it

  1. I thought you may be in the market for glasses when I saw your new Pinterest board last night 🙂 !

    Also in need of a new pair! I just need them for the computer but my eyes have deteriorated as I spend more time on my iPad and phone too! (I am often glued to one of the two!). I have my eye on the Tortoise shell Gant ones from the Emerald Street email. Just need to organise myself to buy them!

    I like the ones on the left the most. I have a red pair and it drives me mad when I have to wear them and they don’t match my outfit!


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