Alphabet Dating F: Fun Art

I’m not going to pretend that I’m an art connoisseur, or someone who spends a lot of time in galleries, gazing into pictures to find their hidden meaning. The truth is, I don’t really understand that side of it. However, I know what I like and like what I know so to that end, this Alphabet Date came to me.

My pick from the hat was F. Granted, its a very loose F. Fun Art is what I used to categorise Lichtenstein: A Retrospective, our date last week.

Luckily, when I told Rich what we were doing he was excited. Falling in the same art-appreciation camp as myself, Lichtenstein is an artist that he knows, and his “WHAM” piece is one of Richard’s favourites.

It was great to spend the day as a family being culture vultures. Even Calum was mesmerised by the bright colours, with “The Ring” image being a favourite (and mine too… I’d quite like this in our home!)

I will admit that having seen all the work in the Tate, I knew of only a few pieces, and his Chinese Landscapes from his later work were beautiful, as was the Mirror room, and this Explosion image. It really drew you in.


On until May 27, I’d urge anyone remotely interested to go have a look. Plus the added bonus is that you get to go to the Tate Modern, one of my favourite buildings in London, where I often favour the building itself rather than the art in it. After all, art is a personal thing no?

Can’t wait to see what hubby has planned next!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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