April is… Flat & Fabulous

Given that flat shoes are this seasons must-have footwear choice, and I have a few in my wardrobe to say the least, I’ve been spurred on by an article in this months InStyle Mag to try “a month in flats”.

This is going to be hard for me, although if I were to do this last July/August, it would have been a synch (new baby = no heels).

Heels are part of who I am and being 5’7 with a Husband who is almost 6’2 gives me license to wear them as high as I can, which used to be a whole lot higher Pre-baby. They finish off an outfit I think so making sure I am smart, as well feeling good, will be something of a challenge.

I’ll be posting my weekly shoe choices here (and possibly a hero outfit every so often if i think something really works) so you can see how in getting on. I’m hoping the weather might warm up a bit so I can sneak into my summer shoe collection… Sandals make flat-wearing a whole lot easier!

Brogues, animal print and slipper shoes are big news still, all of which feature in my collection. I am excited and nervous about this challenge!

Today was easy. Easter Monday was spent loafing with family so trainers it was (my Nike FreeRun 5.0’s)

Wish me luck for the month! Let’s see how easy this will be… I wonder if any new pairs will grace me with their presence (Hub hopes not).

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

4 thoughts on “April is… Flat & Fabulous

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