Tuesday Shoes-day

Oasis Purple Patent Mary Janes

I’ve had these shoes since 2007. October to be precise. The reason I know that is I bought them for an ex-colleague and now good friends’ Wedding in Jersey. However, as is my fickle nature with shoes I didn’t end up wearing them!

I don’t often buy shoes, or clothes for that matter, in Oasis. I find the sizing odd. However these were bought as I’d seen them in the window and thought they’d go nicely with the dress I had for said wedding. Turns out they were too matchy-matchy (not a bad thing but it was in this case).

Since I’ve got Spring on the brain and am sick to death of this weather I thought I’d break them out, with tights for this week (I loathe tights under trousers but needs must!) The plan back-fired when I spent a lot of the day trotting round London, meaning cold feet and ankles.

I do like their heel height though and the rich purple colour. I’m a big fan of how Patent shoes (leather or otherwise) can smarten an outfit.

I’m wearing them with:

Sequin boxy top – Cos
Floral cropped trousers – M&S

What are your thoughts on Patent shoes? Yay or Nay?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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