For the love of a jacket

If my wardrobe could speak (if only the above was my wardrobe!) it would not only say to you that I’ve got plenty of clothes (although still have “I’ve got nothing to wear” moments), it would say that over the last couple of years, the jacket has made a big appearance.

Back in the day (late 90s), reserved fully for complete suit wearing attire on a strictly matching basis for interviews, jackets featured on my person on a few and far between basis. However now, they are a wardrobe staple.

From classic and smart to casual and colourful, the simple jacket can turn an outfit around for me. Today is a good example (excuse lack of makeup…). Black faded jeans and a grey tshirt with grey boots is transformed with a Zara Boucle jacket finished with Gold Zips… Drab to fab in my eyes.

And that’s what I mean. A jacket can work wonders when you are having a dressing nightmare moment. Come winter or summer, I can throw one on and instantly feel more “done”.

My go-to store for Jackets is Zara, and in recent years I’ve picked up some great bargains during the Sales. Other favourites include Mango (for colours and cut), Next, M&S and H&M. Another favourite place is the Vintage/Charity Shop. My Navy Blue velvet blazer, a St Michael original, was from a Save the Children, and I adore it.

Here’s a selection of the blazers/jackets I’m lusting after right now…



Do you have a favourite jacket store that I’ve perhaps overlooked? Are they a staple in your wardrobes or a non-essential fashion choice? Would love to know.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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