Tummy Lovin’

My friends and family will confirm the fact that I’m the ultimate consumer. A brand owners joy, that’s easily sucked in by marketing hype (ironic since that’s my day-job!)

They will also vouch for the fact that I’m pretty vain. When I first found out I was pregnant, after the initial elation/shock, my thoughts turned towards my body and the changes that would be taking place over the forthcoming months. I’d been told that stretch marks were genetic, that if my Mum had them I would, and as I wasn’t the smallest baby (8lb10) my poor, very petite Mum (5ft2, size 8-10) shows the marks of having me, even now. Cue aversion tactics by me!

I was fastidious from the start about using an extra layer of oil on my bump to supplement my usual moisturiser routine, these ranging from Bio-Oil in the beginning, through Clarins Tonic Oil (grew to hate the smell) and Burts Bees, settling on Mama Mio from month six. From then until birth, their Tummy Rub Oil and Tummy Rub Butter were a twice daily ritual, leaving Hubby thinking he was sharing a bed with some sort of Orca!

However, this is not a post about stretch-marks! Mama Mio also have Bootcamp Kits, and after carrying around Master Johnson for 9 months, my Tummy certainly needed their kit prescribed for the purpose. This is where buying into hype comes in, however, I can confirm, it actually does work.

After three months of use (its just run out and lasted longer than the 30-day plan), and now 7 months post-birth, with Boob Tube thrown in too for good measure, my tummy is *almost* back to its former self. A few more pounds to go, but nine months on, nine months off as they say.

I’d recommend this kit to anyone as my skin feels firmer, looks smoother and the exercises that come with the pack have become second nature (the Tupler Technique is actually something I used throughout pregnancy to help me with labour). These are products that are definitely made by Mums for Mums.

I’ll be buying Skin Tight and Boob Tube again separately now its finished. Has anyone else tried anything from the range? What do you think?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

(This post is in no way sponsored. All products were purchased by me.)

One thought on “Tummy Lovin’

  1. Oooo love a non sponsored product review…trust it a bit more! Might have to try this as baby weight from number two is a bit tougher to shift than the first!!
    You look great btw!

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