Dadulthood: Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster

Ok, this is a bit of a departure from my usual posts, and it’s my first attempt at a restraunt review so all comments are welcome.

Burger & Lobster Mayfair has been around for a while and I have eaten there four times – a mixture of work and pleasure. There are a few more locations around London now, but the Mayfair one remains my favourite.

I love the atmosphere… a small cosy bar as you walk in surrounded by high tables and stools. Brass and dark wood furnish the whole space and it feels to me like old town Chicago (too many Hollywood films, and a visit to Shaws Crab House when the Wife and I holidayed there a few years ago).

There is always a queue and a wait, and to me, this is a sign of a good place or the latest media trend. But I enjoy the wait. The wine list is extensive and caters with quality from £30 to stock broker pockets and the beer choices are unique.

The back of restaurant is a little cramped but gives you a great view into the kitchen.

Burger Lobster Menu

The food is a simple concept… 2lb lobster, burger or a lobster roll all at £20 each or 3lb lobster at £30. They also have a lobster board and I can only guess how wonderful these would be I’ve never made it that far. When the Wife and I were there last, a 17lb Lobster was on sale for £214!

Service is good, the staff are attentive but not overly so, and you can always catch someone’s eye when you need too.

As I said I have been several times and sampled the four main meals.


The burger is juicy and well cooked however for a £20 burger I want something spectacular, and this is not that. It is a good solid burger it won’t make a top ten burger in London list but accept the price and you will be satisfied.

That said the other three dishes are fantastic. The lobster roll served cool is delicious… a real blend of beautiful lobster and Marie Rose sauce.


The two lobster mains are fantastic. I had mine finished on the grill with drawn butter. The meat was succulent not over cooked and was set of with a super tasty salad and chips.

Dessert, if you have room, is a mousse affair. I had white chocolate that was nice if a bit rich, but a definite must have just share one.

All in all a great place, my only criticism is the no booking policy as it means its not suitable when timings are a factor.

I would say a solid 7/10.

Have you been yet? What do you think of it? A good edition to the London eating scene?


(Menu and Lobster images courtesy of LizzieEatsLondon and PeanutButtered)

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