The Marathon Diaries: Week 11

Week 11 Marathon Diaries


63 days to go

9 weeks to go?! How the hell did that happen?

The fact it’s March in 12 days is SCARY! I’m there or thereabouts with my training, but what has buoyed me has been my progress today. The training plan said 14 miles or 3.5 hours, whichever was less, and I managed 3 hours and 15 miles. I had planned on running 16 miles, but the lure of my house on a road where I could have squeezed in the last two miles, or gone home, was too much. I turned left and went home. Still pleased though.

My mind is in two places. Sometimes I really think about not doing it, but then, I’ve got this far, and the fact is, I can walk and run it and still finish it. The other part of me wants to really try and get to my goal of finishing in less than 5 hours, but this just stresses me out. Today was a good example. I started out at just under 10 minute miles, slowing it down a bit from previous runs to make sure I got the time under my belt, but ended my run at a 12 minute mile. It’s not bad, but I had hoped for a bit more, and that made me cross with myself. I guess the main thing was that I kept running. The last couple of long runs I’ve been on I’ve had to stop and walk for various reasons, but then I find it so hard to start again. I’d much rather run slowly than stop.

My knees are hurting tonight, but I’ve got my feet firmly up for some Sunday night TV. Some stretches before bed should help. ¬†Hopefully, going into week 12 will be OK.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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