Small Snifter…?

I think I’m ageing before my own eyes. Honestly, Radio 2 is on most devices in our house now, the the soft tones of Vanessa Feltz followed by Chris Evans, interspersed with a bit of Moira Stewart now wake us in the morning. But this… This is worrying.

It all started at Christmas.

Whilst wrapping the gifts on Christmas Eve I really fancied a little sip of something… A small snifter as one of my friends would say. Too early for wine, and too lazy for Mulled anything (which is good any time of day right?) my head went to the bottle of Sherry we have in the cupboard, kindly given to us by my Nana the year before.

Yes, cliched as it is, it was a bottle of Harvey’s Bristol Cream. This drink reminds me so much of my childhood, of sitting by the open fire on a Sunday night, hair drying, some Cheese and Biscuits on the go, watching Don’t Wait Up and later Monarch of the Glen when it used to be good. I used to have sips of my Mum’s Sherry, from an ornate tiny glass, and wrapping those presents on Christmas Eve transported me right back there. I’m not ashamed to say I enjoyed it then, and still do now.

Emerald Street today though got me excited! Yes, it might be seen as a Nan drink, but Sherry is becoming in-vogue!

I have some of the pale, dry Manzanilla in the cupboard, reserved exclusively in my case for cooking, but I’d love to try some others. The thought of some lovely Tapas with a glass, or three, of Sherry is so appealing. If its good enough for London…

Coming back then to my first thought about ageing… Am I, or is Sherry coming to meet the masses? I think its the latter, and its exciting!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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