Alphabet Dating G: German Beer Hall

Alphabet Dating G

The letter G was in fact picked by Richard first, but as I said on our M-date post, it was circumstance that made me go first. When he picked G I was full of thoughts of Urban Golf (no thanks!) or perhaps Kew Gardens (nice, but not in February perhaps) but at no point did I think we would do what we did!

The whole point of Alphabet Dating I guess is to leave your comfort zone and try things you wouldn’t normally try, plus to spend time as a couple. This date was certainly that. A Thursday night in London, and we arrived at the Bavarian Beerhouse (German Beer-Hall!).


It was a really fun evening and actually the food was quite good too. Bratwurst, Schnitzel and Sauerkraut, all really yummy. The beer was great, but I guess that goes without saying! It’s ironic that I took German up to A-level, and then even continued it for a while at University for one of my modules, but have never actually been there. The idea of Oktober-fest does appeal, but more than that, I’d just like to go and experience the place. Berlin is on our “cities to see before we die” list (unless there are better recommendations out there!)


I can imagine that coming to a Bavarian Beerhouse with a big group of friends is really fun too – in fact when we were in this one, there was a big group of pre-Meds celebrating a birthday. Long gone are those student days for us, but they were certainly having fun. The music helped. A good mix of German tunes, along with the cheesy classics. Love it.

Definately recommended for a night out, and at least to try once anyway. A good choice by the boy. I had to decline the Jagermesiter that Rich was trying to get me to have (school night and all that) but there was certainly enough of that around if that’s your thing (and it IS Hubby’s thing!)

Richard’s turn next too – can’t wait to find out what B has to offer!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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