Tuesday Shoes-day

Next Pink Suede Mid-Heel Courts

You may have noticed a short a absence from the blog and that’s down to our Boy contracting Chicken Pox. That’s three diseases now in as many weeks and hopefully the last for a while. Poor little thing. He’s on the mend now which is good.

Today’s choice of shoe was perhaps brave considering I was barefoot and it was 0.5 degrees when I got in the car but I figured I was driving and in an office so would be warm enough!

I’ve been after a pair of Neon pink heels after seeing some Rupert Sanderson ones on a blog I read. Most out there that are affordable (for Neon pink) don’t fit my bill (heel too clunky, plastic looking, wrong style) but when I spied these from Next, although not Neon, they were perfect. Good heel height and a nice shape, plus, and I know its not that practical, the suede somehow makes them look more expensive than they were.

I had a Next Giftcard to use, so what better way.

Today they are brightening up an otherwise uniform outfit for me (Bretton stripes and Beige) and unknowingly match my beloved Nars lipstick!

Today I’m wearing:

Sequin Bretton Stripe Tee – Gap
Beige Slim Leg Trousers – Primark
Navy Blazer – Zara
Rose Gold Chronograph – Michael Kors

I have spied a more neon pink pair of heels from Zara but I think they may be too high for “everyday” use… Might have to try them on just in case though! The Rupert Sanderson’s are still favoured though. Bicester anyone?!

Can’t wait for the summer when I can wear these lovelies with white. Stunning!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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