Dadulthood: Hypo-google-dirac

I am a hypochondriac.

Admitting it is the first step….I think? Not sure…let me google!

And there in lies the problem.

I have suffered from Crohn’s since the age of 21, a horrible disease that so far I have coped ok with. As well as all the numerous symptoms it does cause, it has left a lasting scar of hypochondria. Every stomach ache is stomach blockage, headaches are brain tumours, leg cramps are DVT…you get the gist.

Combine this with Google and I am a certified nightmare. Give me two symptoms and a laptop and I am writing my Last Will and Testament.

My Wife, god bless her, has put up with this since the day we met, however we now have a seven month old and my hypercondria is being projected onto him.

Each sneeze I google. Twice he has had a high temperature resulting in the out of hours doctor. To be fair he was diagnosed with Croup and Slapped Cheek Syndrome so in some ways I was right (ish).

I think every parent finds it hard, as you want to protect your little ones and seeing them ill is awful. However I am making each illness 10 times worse through my excessive hypercondria.

So today I start again a system reboot. I might never deal with my hypercondria but I can’t pass this onto my boy so my new life resolution is to take a breath, listen to my wife and google only if necessary.

My advice is if you want to try and find out more about symptoms your little one has, the forum on Baby Centre is useful as its other parents sharing their experiences. I know it helps bring me down a little in most cases!


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