The Marathon Diaries: Week 9

75 days to go

Training has been going ok but the weather and a bout of illness made the two weeks previous to this very difficult indeed. I wasn’t going to risk life and limb by going running in the snow, especially in hilly Reigate.

The week just gone has seen me run 12.7 miles in just under 2.5 hours (12 miles or 3 hours was the goal) so I’m pretty pleased. My other miles came from stints on the treadmill at Fitness First near my office as my working week was too busy to get out at lunchtime.

During my long run on Sunday I also gave one of these isotonic gel pouches a go, given to me by my seasoned triathlete friend Jon, who sold it in to me by telling me it tasted like Ribena. It didn’t but the main thing was I wasn’t sick after it and I did feel a bit more refreshed. YIPEE!

This long run saw me struggle a bit with my right butt cheek, although the blisters, knee and breathing were all fine. Sod’s law isn’t it? A colleague of mine who is also a Sports Masseur has given me some stretching tips which I hope will help. Thanks Jose!

Hopefully the run on Saturday will mark the start of my over three-hour runs!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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