Pause, Review, Reflect

My round up of #JanuaryJoy comes a day late but looking back at January from the newness that is February 1 seems all the more reflective.

The image above is from the Observer marketing campaign from 2010 and sums up this post nicely.

January 2013 has been a month of making time for me, and also for my family, doing things I love, but also getting me to question the norm and think outside my normal box. It’s the month I’ve returned to work post-maternity leave and I’m pleased to report that our Baby Boy, despite having a case of Croup and Slapped Cheek, is thriving.

This article from Emerald Street really got me thinking mid-month and the reason I’m referring to it now is because I suffer from cases of FOMO (fear of missing out) and this January has really put those into perspective. Our diaries have been pretty much clear, weekends too, and its been lovely to just chill and recuperate… together. I’m definitely going to continue to keep some weekends free. More often than not they lead to better adventures than when you plan things.

In terms of my #JanuaryJoys, I’m glad I’ve participated and its got me thinking about my blog and the way in which I post. All things that will certainly help me now! My favourites have been planning a getaway and having a clear out.

Here’s to continuing with #JanuaryJoy for the rest if 2013… Life is supposed to be fun and memorable and 2013 is definitely set to be.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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