A Home Sanctuary

To be able to come home and escape the worries and stresses of the day is one of life’s small pleasures, and a very welcome #JanuaryJoy today. Much like Rebecca over on Florence Finds, I’m not one for spending a lot of money on Spa Day’s or breaks, only having done a couple in my lifetime, but would much rather spend time in the comfort of my own home, relaxing and creating my own “home spa”.

However, just as Rebecca says, step one of that process is atmosphere itself.

Our bathroom, although now my favourite room in the house, wasn’t always so. Having bought a Victorian “fixer-upper” back in 2009, we actually had to live with Richard’s parents for four months whilst the poor house was gutted, rewired and plastered. Even then, when we moved in, after sanding, painting and glossing every surface, the bathroom and kitchen still remained untouched due to lack of funds. A year into living here, when the electric shower finally gave up the ghost, enough was enough. We had to bite the bathroom bullet.


These photos were taken during the renovation process – two weeks where again, we were living with the parental-units. We are lucky enough to have a huge bathroom (11ft x 8ft for those that are interested) which meant that we could have my longed-for separate freestanding bath and walk-in shower. We didn’t dare DIY that bathroom (except for the painting) like we did with a lot of the rest of the house, instead, hiring a local company to fit the underfloor heating, lay the floor and install the sanitary wear. Boy are we glad we did it this way! The finish is fantastic, and although more expensive than doing it ourselves, as we chose the tiles, shower and bath etc individually, it was cheaper than having a bathroom specialist install everything.


We now have dimmed lighting, a roll-top claw footed bath and a very calming room, ideal for those home spa moments. The bathroom really came into it’s own whilst I was pregnant, with me often spending ages in the bath with bump as it made me feel calm and relaxed (lots of Clary Sage oil used from week 38!)

It’s lovely to be able to have this piece of calm in our home – a little sanctuary. And I especially love our huge bath (and I’m not really a bath person). I really could spend all day in there.

Do you have a favourite room of your house?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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