Alphabet Dating: M – Make a Mini Meal

Recipease Jamie Oliver Clapham


So inadvertently due to dates and times of Richard’s choice (he in fact was supposed to go first), it was my first Alphabet-Dating “date night” yesterday. I picked “M” out of the bag, and although the usual suspects of Movie and Meal came to mind, I wanted to make sure it was something fun.

Both of us have been to Jamie Oliver’s Recipease before, but not together, and I really wanted to try and book the Mexican Street Food class (killing another M bird in the process) but it was sold out. The North Indian Thali class won – hence Make a Mini Meal. Pretty good for M I thought. Thali means “plate” in Gujarati so a taster of a few dishes was just perfect.

There are three locations where you can do this; Brighton, Notting Hill and Clapham Junction, the latter being the closest to us (a 20 minute train journey) so off we went.

Recipease Clapham

The space itself is wonderful complete with cooking stations, a demo area, and tables to eat your goodies once you’ve made them. I booked a shared class so Richard and I shared a cooking area, but that was fine, since that’s the nature of these dates!

Indian Thali Cooking Class

The class was well run, we learnt something new, and ate some delicious food. What more could you ask from an evening out? The premise behind these Alphabet dates is to spend some time together doing things that you wouldn’t necessarily do, and this was certainly that. We both love cooking, but are very much “safe” in a lot of our choices at home. If it did one thing, it taught us that a really delicious meal can be made relatively quickly. Perhaps we should actually start to use that Jamie 15 Minute Meal book we’ve got!

Alphabet Dating - M

I’m not going to give away the recipe’s we learnt here, but I will encourage you to try this afternoon or evening out if you can. It’s really good fun, and the range of things you can cook is fantastic. I’m really keen on the Knife Skills courses, and the Mexican Street Food.

So, a good choice of date for the letter M? Wonder what I’ll pick next!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

PS: In writing this, I’ve also noticed that I’ve covered today’s #JanuaryJoy too – bread-making. We made Puri last night, an Indian bread. REALLY easy, such fun to cook, and delicious. YUM. This date also checked off “Cook a Veggie Meal” and “Try Something New”… #JanuaryJoy in abundance!

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