“A Change is as good as a Rest”

New Things


The #JanuaryJoy prompt for today was “Do Something/Go Somewhere you’ve never been Before”. I’m a big believer in the old adage “a change is as good as a rest”. Applied to anything in life, it keeps things fresh, and often, takes you from your comfort zone to somewhere better. Granted, not all change, or new experience, is always a good one, but I find personally, that’s how you grow in life.

Above is a small selection of the new things I’ve experienced in January so far:

  • Top left – Cooking turnips for Neeps & Tatties to go with some Haggis we had last weekend (Burns Night (tonight actually) and all that!)
  • Top Right – The beautiful rooftop decor at Sushi Samba – one of London’s newest additions to the restaurant scene, on the top of the Heron Tower
  • Bottom Left – A delicious Merquez sausage (never had those before) casserole for lunch from the Pont de la Tour Foodstore near my office
  • Bottom Right – A new thirst-quencher from M&S – really very nice, and reminiscent of actual Moroccan mint tea (not that I’ve been there, but I’ve been to Momo!)

Not the most life-chagning things I know, but they are new things. I’d definitely like for this case of discovery to continue and participating in Alphabet Dating with Hubby this year will almost certainly go towards that. Our first date is this weekend and I can’t wait (my choice, and it’s the letter M – more on that later).

There are places to go and things happening this year that will mean new experiences for us both, individually and as a family. The excitement lies in discovering them!

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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