Dadulthood: “You’re Brave!”

My wife and I have never really been home birds. We have always wanted to explore the world and experience new things.

When we fell pregnant we had the conversation that we wanted our Little One to explore with us.

So five days at home with Little Man post-arrival, we both had cabin fever, we had run out of coffee, milk and excuses and we mounted an expedition to Starbucks in Reigate.

After what seemed like three hours of packing the bag with bottles, nappies, a change of clothes plus several visits to Google on how to keep him warm….in July…we set off. The result? Two lattes, fresh milk and a new packet of organic coffee (have a child and everything is organic regardless of the fact he won’t drink coffee for 10 years).

The trip taught me two very important lessons. 1. We could leave the house and 2. Even strangers think they know best.

Within moments of getting him out the pram in starbucks we had people cooing all over him, and they all asked said almost exactly the same three questions… “boy or girl?”, “How old?” and “Really?, you’re brave leaving the house! Isn’t he a bit young?”

I did feel like pointing out one of the coffees wasn’t for him but felt I’d lose the crowd…

We returned home without incident and decided that we would explore a little further afield. Wherever we went for the next few days we got the same response, the same judging stares, the same questions. So much so that we started to question ourselves and our parenting.

It took a month or so, and it took finding our confidence as parents, but we realised our Little Man was happy being out and about. He was interested in everything and still is.

We learnt to accept the questions and the judging stares and got on with it. My advice is don’t hide away your little one. They need to see the world at some point but only you can decide when.


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