“Memories are made of this…”


I’m quite a sentimental old thing, and have kept memory boxes during different parts of my life, containing the things that were important to me at the time. I have one from my University days, and I think I still have the one I made when I was with my first boyfriend (must be at my parents house somewhere!).

As Rebecca shares on her #JanuaryJoy post today though, it’s photos hold the biggest memories, and I’m TERRIBLE at displaying or collating them.

I went through a phase when I was younger of taking my Dad’s lead and creating albums of big events – holidays, friends, points in life, but as the shelves started to groan, and my 35mm camera was swapped for a digital one, the need to do that became less. SD cards and folders on desktops now all contain the memories we have made, and only a few of those photos have ever really seen the light of day.

I blame the wall space we have (or lack of it). I’d love to be able to showcase some of the better photos we have (and we have some BRILLIANT ones from holidays and of course, the Wedding and baby), especially since we’ve now upgraded to a dSLR (a Canon D3100 if you are interested).

These are just a few of the inspiration pictures I keep on Pinterest for the next house… The idea of a personal gallery really appeals.


In the meantime, and I think as a good compromise, we’ve bought a couple of these Sony Digital Photo frames. This way at least, we get to showcase lots our pictures, whilst keeping the space they take up on sides and walls we don’t have to a minimum. We were so lucky to pick them up from M&S when a great deal was on, we bought two for under the price of what I can find one at now.

It’s a compromise, but a nice one. We have our photo frames on our bookshelf in the Dining Room which we’ve tried (and failed) to emulate the one that was in the hotel we stayed in on Honeymoon in Hawaii.


We will get around to some Photobooks at some stage too – something that Rebecca over on Florence Finds is also doing. My go to site for these is Photobox, and they often have two for one deals – meaning they make great gifts too.

My big photo project, which I’ve been collating pictures for, is a “Bump to One” book which I am using Photobox for. Can’t wait to finish that just after July 1st this year.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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