For the love of something unique

I love a bit of craft. There’s something so calming (for me anyway) about laying out all your equipment and bits and pieces over a tablecloth-clad table and getting stuck into a project for a couple of hours.

My craft abilities are varying depending on the craft itself. Basic crafting (anything involving glitter and glue!) is a given, and this Christmas I took this a little further and made our own Christmas cards using Embossing Glitter and a heat tool (thanks to the inspiration from Florence Finds).

However REAL crafting, activities like Sugarcraft and Dressmaking, are my undoing.

Our Wedding was the biggest crafting experience in my life so far. Our invitations, favours, table names, and lots of the accents were either handmade or customised by me. Added to that were the Veil and Bridesmaid dresses that my Mum made, and the Cake that my mother in law made and decorated. It was all stunning and hugely commented on.

Crafting not only acts as a release for me, it also saves pennies and creates something original, something unique. That’s my “key selling point” – originality.

Throughout my life I’ve been lucky enough to have my Mum make about 70% of my clothes. This has not only fed my clothes obsession but allowed me to dress differently to others. I’ve never had the “oh my god she’s in the same dress” moment. I’ve only had to show my Mum pictures of what I like, or alter a pattern that she had, and she’s made it. This has become less since I’ve not lived that near my birth home (I’m now just over an hour away), but a dressmakers mannequin still stands proud in her sewing room holding all my vital stats.

So where is this leading? I admit I don’t have the time at the moment to take up sewing. I wish I had taken it up at a younger age, and I do have a sewing machine, but my ability is more “cushion covers r us” than haute couture. I also don’t have time for Sugarcraft, although I can see such beauty in the designs my MIL creates. I need something that I can stop and come back to, especially with a baby in the mix.

This is where customising comes in. I’m a huge lover of statement jewellery and sparkles, and this translates to my clothes too. Some of the items in the shops are so beautiful, they are almost works of art, and as such, have HUGE price tags. Take this Bastyan top I was coveting before Christmas. Gorgeous detailing on the sleeves, but at £250, too much for what was just a long-sleeve top. In the sale at £110 it is still too much – something to only wear for best. It was therefore left unpurchased. Even a recent H&M Trend buy with some jewels on the cuffs was more than it probably should have been. My inner Magpie got the better of me though 🙂


It did get me thinking…I could do this! So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I know of a couple of great places in London for haberdashery (here and here) from my Wedding Planning (these places are Aladdin’s caves!), so I’m going to head there and customise my own top (that Mum is making me as I cant find anything), using Edith as inspiration. It’s something that I can stop and start and feed my clothes obsession but will ultimately create me something unique. What’s not to love about that?

I’ll share my progress with you guys.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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