It’s all about the money…



One of the most important New Year’s Resolutions I made for 2013 was with my Husband to save, and today’s #JanuaryJoy prompt is to “look at the budget/make a savings plan”.

We’d really love to be able to move house in 2014, and saving this year is a vital part of that plan. The Wish List items to have in the house for our next move (which is likely to be a home for a long while), do NOT come cheap in Surrey that’s for sure! In fact for the same price we could buy a 10 bedroom student house in my University Town! Ridiculous.

We have already made some in-roads into stopping some things that will help us towards our goal. Our Sky package has been reduced from the full monty to just entertainment. No more Movies and Sports. The irony is there is STILL nothing to watch on the TV!

We are also much better at meal-planning for suppers. It’s nice to be able to go food shopping with a plan, and we’ve even enlisted the help of a weekly Abel & Cole Small Fruit and Veg box, meaning we are getting our five-a-day AND it makes us a bit more adventurous in what we actually eat. Having this delivered, and only buying what we need has helped save us money on those daily visits to Simply Food (sorry M&S).

Owning and running a home, commuting and having a child are all financial drains to differing extents, and so saving is often low down on the list after living itself. It would be great therefore to get some tips from you guys. How do you stick to a savings plan? Where in life is it easiest to make adjustments that will really make a difference? I would love to know.

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

One thought on “It’s all about the money…

  1. I would say cut the lattes and coffess out. Spending $4-$5 everyday on a latte adds up quickly totaling $28-$$35 a week. OUCH! Another tip is shopping, gotta watch spending on frivilous things i.e. new clothes, furniture, house decor ect. things that are not truly needed. There are many other ways to save money ybut the best way I think is do-it-yourself anytime you can. Look up what it is you want whether it is a piece of furniture, cooking food or anything and try to find what you already have and use it. Thanks for posting its always a refresher to be reminded of how easy it can be to save rather than consume.

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