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I can’t actually remember the last “book” book I read. I’m really trying to think. It was probably One Day by David Nicholls, as I was desperate to read it before I saw the film (which I still haven’t done). Shortly after that I got a Kindle, and it changed everything.

Books have been a huge part of my existence. From Billy Blue Hat, Roger Red Hat and Percy Green when I started to read, through the horror books by Christopher Pike as a teen, to my most favourites, Memoirs of a Geisha and Shadow of the Wind, reading has always been a little escapism for me.

I’m easily enthralled by the story, letting my imagination take me away, and therefore tend to prefer fiction over fact (a case of too much studying). No more so is this true of fantasy books. I’m not one for Tolkien I’m afraid, or Terry Pratchett, but Harry Potter and Twilight really drew me in.

So, on to my Kindle. I was very anti-getting one at first, being a huge advocate of real books. Our dining room is a shrine to reading. Books need to be loved and I hate nothing more than turned down pages or creased spines. So why, one day, I decided to buy this “virtual book” was beyond me. A complete spur of the moment purchase, but it has changed the way, and what, I read.

New books are bought in seconds, and the classics are more often than not free. It’s given me renewed love for Bronte and Dickens whom I started to hate after having them forced on me at school. You can also key up reads and not clutter the bedside table, something my husband is thankful for (also a great reader and now lover of the Kindle).

None of this though means that I love books any less. I love cookery books, and coffee table tomes that are bigger than my head, full of glossy interiors and wistful destinations. All it means is that there’s less strain on our bookshelves under the weight of all the paperback chick-lits (and the Husbands Spy/Thriller/Cussler novels)!

On my Kindle at the moment: Fifty Shades of Grey (started when Bubba first appeared but got I got sidetracked!); The Twitter Diaries; Gin O’Clock and some chick-lit.

This will be the week that I finish my current read and start one of the above (I HAVE to finish a book, no matter how bad or dull it is, it’s a weird thing of mine). In whatever guise, reading a book is a good way of getting away from it all. The ultimate escape.

What’s on your book list? Anything you’d recommend?

Erin, Love from Cornfield… X

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